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Anxiety Comics Volume 2

Perzine Comic, Stacey Bru, 16pgs, $4.50
anxietyThis is Stacey Bru’s second installment of her Anxiety comic trilogy (you can find volume one-three on her etsy page). It’s straightforward and creative, giving depression and anxiety pretty cute characters for how much they harass the protagonist. It’s a well done comic, with bold lines and clean images. On a few pages you can see the original pencil markings, which adds authenticity but also laziness. It’s puzzling whether this is intentional or not. Overall, I do enjoy the simplicity and shortness of the zine. It’s a classic story, with the protagonist (who we assume is Stacey) overcoming the obstacles of anxiety and depression, with relatable circumstances and inner monologues. In and of itself, publishing this zine and the others two volumes within this trilogy is a feat, and you as the reader feel Stacey’s accomplishment too. If you check out Stacey’s etsy page you can find a few more of her zines and buttons. Sometimes meeting our demons head on is what it takes for them evaporate, even if it includes a three zine series and medication. I applaud that. Anxiety and art are not in symbiosis. Anxiety Comics Vol 2 is a good middle finger to the inner voice who holds us back, even if there is some giving in. (KK Taylor)

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