Best Political Zine: Kezan & Why They are Bad For You

Broken Pencil Zine Awards 2019

Kezan & Why They Are Bad For You
Enas Satir (Toronto, Ontario)

If mainstream media fails, count on the underground press to spread the truth of overlooked atrocities.

Prime example: Enas Satir’s political zine, Kezan & Why They Are Bad For You.

Created in step with #SudanUprising, the zine is aligned with the movement that demanded an end to the dictatorship of Omar Al Bashir, who in April 2019 was deposed in a coup d’état.

“The zine is remarkable for presenting Sudan’s politics in language and context that are understandable for everyone,” says judge and 2018 winner Anand Vedawala. Reflecting on Satir’s work, he says he is grateful for zines “highlighting issues we in the western hemisphere don’t pay much attention to.”

Nominated in two categories, Satir seriously impressed at this year’s Zine Awards, particularly with her vivid illustrations, which, as Vedawala describes,  serve to “enhance the political tension.”

“A year ago, I wasn’t even sure what a zine was. My friend invited me to Canzine last year and I was taken aback by the sheer number of talented people. I made a mental note to try to apply in 2019,” she explains.

Funnily – and fortuitously – enough, Satir thought she was applying for a vendor table when she submitted to the awards. While we hope to avoid such confusion, what a nice surprise. Sorry-not-sorry?