Deathmatch Quarterfinals Day 4 Recap: No Signs of Hemorrhaging

The fourth day of Deathmatch 2017 was jam-packed with violent, blood-drawing action! The comment section remained fierce and across the board votes still remain close! If you’re championing for a particular story, be sure to vote – you can do so once an hour!

The appropriately-named Chaos McKenzie has come back from the dead (aka the Lightning Round) and has been causing a stir in the comment section with their comments on the stories still in the running – in particular, Rachel Rosenberg’s Ramones-inspired tale, I Want You Around and Kaitlin Tremblay’s Her Shadow’s Bones. Accusations of hipster-dom, discussions on the validity of engaging in naps, questions of who owns culture, all jumbled together with some harshly-worded “criticism” has left this particular editor clutching at her non-existent pearls!

On a more positive note, the comment section in the last few days has had a great ongoing discussion on the nature of puns. A rather punny (sorry) discussion if I might add. What makes puns so great? What makes them so terrible? P.D Walter had a pretty interesting explanation behind what makes puns so amusing. Rachel Rosenberg then followed up with a cute anecdotal story about her friend who loves puns! It’s a pretty universal story – don’t we all have a loveable friend who loves puns? If you don’t have a friend who loves puns, you should go find one and tell them to leave their favourite puns on the Deathmatch 2017 comment board! At the BP headquarters, puns have been a useful tool in keeping office activity positive and distracting editors from the encroaching threat of our lizard overlords – so please keep them (and the comment discussions) coming!

Did you know that the comment section isn’t the only place you can share both your love of puns and the Deathmatch? Use the #bpdeathmatch hashtag on Twitter and the user with the highest amount of retweets will win a one-year subscription to the magazine!

Voting in the quarter-finals ends on Sunday February 12th at midnight. You can vote every hour, so be sure to get your votes in while you can!