Deathmatch Quarterfinals Day 5 Recap

Give me a “D!” Give me an “eathmatch!” What does that spell? DEATHMATCH!!! The action is heating up, folks! The comments board is chugging along with mostly genteel energy but some people are getting a little TOO heated… remember, folks, this isn’t an actual Life-and-Death Deathmatch (and thank goodness for that!). If you feel yourself getting too twisted, step away from the Deathmatch for awhile… drink a glass of water, go outside, feel the wind against your face and breathe deep. Travel to the Arctic and pet a baby seal. Or, if Arctic travel is not in the cards, go pat your friendly neighborhood puppy. P.D. Walter, author of Sick To Death of Stories (and hopefully you, Gentle Reader, are not sick to death of stories yet– this Deathmatch is far from over!) has delivered a nice plea for sanity that is well worth a read.

Currently, Rachel Rosenberg’s story “I Want You Around: True Tales of A Relationship in Ten Ramones Songs” is the vote leader with a whopping 3674 votes! (although everyone’s favourite Ramones song, the solo Dee Dee Ramone attempt at Hip-Hop “Funky Man” (as credited to ‘Dee Dee’ King’), wasn’t mentioned in the story: maybe there will be a sequel!) A Gun for Chekov is hot on The Ramones’ heels: Wyatt McRae’s story has 3375 votes, well within shouting distance. All the writers must rally their troops for the final push!

The Quarterfinals end tomorrow (Sunday Fe. 12th) at one second til Midnight! Get those votes in while you can!