Deathmatch: The Final Battle Continues!

So it’s come to this. O valiant warriors, who once proudly rode across the digital battlefields, slinging words hither and yon, clashing with commas, periods, seeking to drive that final exclamation point home into the heart– all vanquished now. All but two. Sick To Death Of Stories by P.D. Walter and Failure To Cooperate by Susan Read are still grappling, hip-deep in muck, surrounded by the bones of the fallen, and floating from the distance comes the mournful cry of a battle horn. WHO WILL BE VICTORIOUS? In any battle, can there truly be winners? War: What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

But this, Thank Goodness, is not a real war. This is The Literary Deathmatch, and at the end of day, as the figurative bodies are carted off the digital battlefield, there can be only one survivor. WHO WILL IT BE? You– yes, YOU, Gentle Reader! You have the power to decide! So Vote, Vote, Vote! Every hour on the hour! Set your clocks, set your neighbour’s clocks, follow Big Ben on Twitter, whatever it takes to get those votes in! Right now Sick To Death Of Stories is in the lead but anything could happen! So go, Gentle Reader! Go and make it happen!