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FRIIIIDAY! I’m feeling it, how about you? get thee to a park! Pictured above is one of my favorite parks, Christie Pits in Toronto. I believe it is one of the great underdog parks in the city. Neither garbage strikes nor race riots in the 1930s  can keep this park down. Plus there is a baseball team called the Toronto Maple Leafs (yes!) that plays there every Sunday! Now for some internet stuff.

Ghost goes Live – A group of 30 artists got together and re-created the opening scenes of the legendary anime classic Ghost in the Shell through live-action stills. Below, see a video of how they did it, and how each scene compares to the actual film. Totally beautiful. (via i09)

Some Papercut Zine Library Love – Nice blog feature slamming blogs (hah!) and paying tribute to one of our favorite zine libraries, Papercut Zine Library in Cambridge, MA. Goes a little deeper into the “how” and “why” of zine creation, a mini zine history, the functionality of zine libraries and it also focuses on a few of the library’s creators as well. (via digboston)



Image from the Papercut Zine Library Facebook page.

Stickman_con_tips_22 How To Table at A Comic Book Convention – Thanks to our fiction editor A.G. Pasquella for tipping us onto this helpful blog primer (originally published in 2011) by Marc Monlux explaining how to properly table at a fair! Applicable to comics, zines, screenprinters, and any other artist displaying their wares for browsing and purchasing in public. We’ll be posting this again come Canzine time, you can bet on it. (via 24hourcomic)






Read Silently and Carry a Large Book – People are starting to hold silent reading parties in New York City and Seattle. Organizers set up at bars, where live music will be playing – quiet stuff, like the harp – and people can show up, bring whatever they want to read and stay as long as they want. The caveat? No one is allowed to speak to anyone else. (via The New Yorker)

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