Friday Round-Up: Found on the Internet

Here’s what we found on the internet this cold January week:

People have been talking a lot of shit lately: there’s been Shit Girls Say, Shit Asian Girls Say, Shit Drunk Girls, Shit Girls Say to Gays and Shit Girls Say to Lesbians.  So it had to happen that zinesters started saying shit too: “Do you take trades? I made this six hours before the zine fair and it kinda sucks!” Most of these videos are low-budget, self-produced inside jokes on a very specific community. Not all of it is out-of-the-park funny, but if you’re in on the joke, you’ll get a few chuckles.

BookRiot is mulling over literary baby names and which names have been ruined forever because of the associations they dredge up: think Ophelia, Gatsby, Hannibal and Lucius.

And, for more very pretty black-and-white photos of an unknown woman eating cotton candy, see La Boite Verte.