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Asst Prof at Dalhousie’s English Department  Erin Wunker  takes on defining the titles of expert versus specialist in academia. For those who don’t know the Hook and Eye Blog, it’s run by three lady academics scattered across the country who share their eloquent thoughts about academia, literature and feminism online.

Alex Wrekk of the long-running Stolen Sharpie Revolution  zine has a new site, with lots of information on zine call-outs and festivals.

Now for some funny stuff like the Cats that Look Like Hitler! blog, where you can peruse through picture after pictures of “Kitlers:” cats with unfortunate mustache-like splotches around their mouths. I guess Art Spiegelman wasn’t too far off, with his cat Nazi representation.

Personal obsession this week is a murmuration, a flock of starlings, and there is some beautiful art out there that captures these happenings, such as the photo above from the London documentary photography Paolo Patriz. See more of his photos from this series  of a murmuration moving above Rome here.

Also, a call-out for help looking for a new space for the lovely Halifax zine library and creative space The Roberts Street Social Centre.

As well, the Revenge of Print initiative is back for seconds, glibly calling its sequel The Revenge of Revenge of Print.  Bookstores, such as Atomic Books (Baltimore), Quimby’s (Chicago), Reading Frenzy (Portland), as well as distros, libraries and  publications such as Zine World and, of course, Broken Pencil, is asking people to get out in 2012 and MAKE A ZINE, BUY A ZINE or SUPPORT A ZINE! See the Facebook page here for more info.

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