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Seeking Staple-Man: A Zinester’s Journey

by Jean Mathew

Deep within the concrete vastness Torontonians call Etobicoke lives an unassuming shop at 668 The Queensway. On the outside, the shop is classically suburban with an array of noisy signs on a wide nameless window, but this shop hides a little-known secret. It has been said that DIYers have made the pilgrimage to 668 The Queensway for the rare and unusual staplers collected by the Staple-Man. I sought out the Staple-Man and the following is the true account of my journey.

The single entrance to 668 opens to a showcase of sewing machine after glorious sewing machine. Amongst the sewing machines is a confident gentleman, one hand on his counter, the other on his hip, can I help with anything?

I quickly explain that the advertised Staple-Man shop has no notable doorway and ask for redirection. He nods enthusiastically, ͞you want to know anything about staplers, John is your man, and points me to a back storage room.

I get a glimpse of cardboard boxes before the Staple-Man emerges; a slim figure with a quiet confidence about him. Not wanting to waste his time, I jump into the good stuff, ͞I’m looking for a stapler.

With that, John begins to show me around his trove of staple treasures. He starts with the Rapid HD220. With the capabilities to staple anywhere between 2 and 200 pages using staples varying in length, this sleek stapler puts the household brand to miserable shame. I ambitiously press on and ask for the rarer staplers. John hesitates. ͞For stationary, you know, maybe take a look at Office Depot or Home Hardware. I don’t think we carry anything of interest to you.

Challenge accepted, John.

John shows me to the stapler wall of fame where all his most sought after staplers are displayed. Here you can find the P6C-8P, a heavy duty sword point standing stapler plier, used to staple small boxes and crates. If you are more interested in the dark arts, the Rapid R34 Staple Gun is your bet. Though normally used for wood, carpets, or plastic sheeting, the R34 also works marvelously on securing posters to any place your heart desires. Finally, John showcased the Rapid K1, a classic airgun using bread nails to secure paper bags, but alternatively used for pinning and stapling.

With the introduction of each stapler, visions of new projects lay bare before me. Such were the treasures tucked away in the heartlands of Etobicoke. And if one so ventures a trek to 668 seeking wisdom and staplers, the Staple-Man is ready to guide you to stapler awakening.

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