Virtual Canzine 2020 Vendors List!

Anyone else super stoked about Virtual Canzine 2020? Check out the list of amazing vendors that will be at the festival of zines and underground print. (Whew, what a long list! We’re so excited to see you all there!)

knational independent publisher sponsor:

Pow Pow Press

Pow Pow Press was created in 2015 by Montréal-based French publisher Éditions Pow Pow. Its goal is to make the work of Québec cartoonists available to an English-speaking audience in both Canada and the United States. As of early 2019, it has released 16 books. Authors published by Pow Pow Press include Cathon, Sophie Bédard, Pascal Girard, Francis Desharnais, Blonk, Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau, and Michel Hellman. Check out their books and comics, available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Zines by Al

Zines By Al is the zine-making operation of Al Cusack, a Maritimes-based multidisciplinary artist. Al’s zines are bright and candid, often tackling challenging social concepts from a personal perspective. Some of the zines that will be available at Virtual Canzine 2020 are Queer as Uranus v. 2, an exploration of queer content in Sailor Moon, and the show’s queer fandom.

Sam Kalensky

Sam Kalensky is an artist/character designer from Vancouver, BC. His trademark style is vivid colours, punchy line work, dynamic frames, crazy compositions, quirky characters, and slick and silly smears! They create original pins, stickers and have been selling in person at Vancouver events since 2010!


AFTERNOON is an international collection of texts and images made by the AFTERNOON team and people they admire. Examples of zines that are available to purchase at Virtual Canzine 2020 are AFTERNOON COLLECTORS PRINT EDITION and AFTERNOON VOL. 1

Claire Sherwood

Claire Sherwood is a zinester, visual poet, and storyteller. Sherwood creates collage images for their zines using magazines from the 1940s and 1950s, and collage poetry on recycled paper bags. All the materials are recycled, right down to the thread they use to hand-stitch the zines.

Natalie Very B.

Natalie Very B. is a Polish-Canadian illustrator, muralist, and educator. She makes art with the goal of changing preconceived notions of feminism and promoting self-love and body positivity in the world. Zines that will be available to purchase at Virtual Canzine 2020 are Very B.’s Moon Phases Witchcraft Guides. 

Rat Gang

Rat Gang are three artist friends of the year of the rat! They make pretty zines, silly zines, and everything in-between. Some examples of zines available to purchase at Virtual Canzine 2020 are The Apprentice’s Log, a journal-style slice of life storybook about two kids studying the magical arts, and Outer Reach, a storybook inspired by NASA’s extraterrestrial endeavours.

Mia Carnevale

Mia Carnevale is an artist and illustrator located in Toronto, Canada. In her practice, she is interested in exploring motifs from folktales, myths, antiquity, botanics, and natural landscapes. Some zines available to purchase at Virtual Canzine 2020 are VEYOLAN PART 1, and a pocket BTS fanzine made by Mallory Taylor and Stef. C

Louise Leung

Louise Leung is a Chinese/Canadian, Vancouver based Illustrator who works in the animation industry. Fixated on cute cats and object heads – characters with objects for heads – she’s been making zines and sketchbooks for over 6 years based on these topics. Some zines available to purchase at Virtual Canzine 2020 are Object Head Zine, and 2019’s Inktober, which is centered around catgirls.

Tanya Lisle

Tanya Lisle is a novelist from Metro Vancouver, British Columbia who writes fantastical stories with a dash of horror. Examples of zines that will be available at Virtual Canzine 2020 are City Without Heroes, a young adult novel with urban fantasy, and White Noise, a young adult novel with urban fantasy and thriller.

Quinn Thibault

Quinn Thibault is a genderqueer interdisciplinary artist who makes tender yet crass zines about trauma, recovery, sex work, mental health, love, community, and many more. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020  are Please Just Hold Me, a chaotic, trauma-heavy zine riddled with text and oversaturated imagery. It tackles subjects such as emotional and verbal abuse, mental illness, addiction, and detailed sexual encounters, and Live Laugh Love, a somewhat cynical yet most entertaining compilation of the many ways in which we can find joy, learn how to play, and overall create meaning out of this limited material human existence.

Canvas Swap Zine

Canvas Swap Zine (CSZ) is run by WildElement Studios and is a collaborative art zine that brings three collaborative artists together to create three unique pieces of artwork as well as a solo cover artist. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 are CSZ Issue 7: Cyberpunk – Physical Zine and CSZ Issue 6: Myths & Legends

SWAP Hamilton

SWAP Hamilton is a sex work zine hub that curates a repository of sex workbooks, zines, videos, and other media. At Virtual Canzine 2020, they’ll be bringing It’s My First Time, I Swear, a zine written anonymously by a sex worker who tells their stories of their first days at various sex work jobs, and Sex Work Power is a compilation of thoughts, reflections, stories, and art with the purpose of lifting up the lives and legacies of BIPOC queer and trans sex workers. All of which is compiled by Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers’ Action Project.

Alexa Lima

Alexa Lima is a Black zinester based out of Atlanta, GA. She primarily creates perzines highlighting social and political issues that affect BIPOC. Some of the work she’s bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 are Black Out Poetry Zine Issue #1, a 1/2 size zine that contains thoughts on creativity and existence, as well as  Black Out Poetry Zine Issue #2, a 1/2 size zine created in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It contains thoughts on creativity, existence, and life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Matt MacFarland

Matt MacFarland has been making Comics exclusively since 2012. Matt has been published in numerous anthologies, including Sliced Quarterly and Milk and Honey. 4 Seasons of Garya comic that collects anecdotes about the MacFarland’s father, which will be among the zines they’re selling at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Reflective Zines

Reflective Zines creates zines about mental health in order to offer support to those with mental illness and to catalog firsthand experiences with mental illness. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 are Who Am I? an interactive zine to help you explore your identity, and Daddy Issues, a zine about how having an abusive, absent, or otherwise inadequate father has changed my life and the lives of two other anonymous writers. It includes firsthand stories and experiences, as well as collage.

Meredith Bratland

Meredith is from the wilds of rural Alberta and currently lives in Edmonton. She is a writer with multiple creative side-hustles from comics to podcasting. Her work is usually filled with a lot of curiosity, introspection, and some humour too. Check out Sober Summer, which is Bratland’s first comic zine. It discusses quitting drinking and exploring sober curiosity. A tale about self-awareness, habits, mistakes, and finding joy. Find it at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Hei Lam Ng

Originally from Hong Kong, Hei Lam Ng is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her work spans photography, printmaking, and book art. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 include Broken Language (vol.1), a text-based project of Kanji characters that have different definitions in Cantonese and Japanese in flashcards form, and Broken Language (vol.2), a text-based project of Kanji characters that have different definitions in Cantonese and Japanese in flashcards form.

Shane Neville

Shane and Cassandra are a father/daughter team bringing Cassandra’s fantastic worlds to life. The Ollustria Field Guides, which introduces you to a fantasy world created and illustrated by 13-year-old artist/designer, Cassandra Neville. They are a collection of three different Risograph printed pamphlet-style zines which unfold into a large, 11″ x 15″, hand-illustrated map of each imaginative land. Each guide includes information on the cities and culture of each land. Also, there is a set of three 11″x15″ Risograph printed maps for the fantastic lands of Astivel, Everil and Kahn Zaar. These are the same maps in the Ollustria Field Guides, which are printed on one side and are unfolded. Check them out at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Lucy Kagan

Lucy Kagan is an illustrator and fabric designer from Raleigh, NC. She makes zines and minicomics with a soft magic woodland atmosphere, and aspire to live in a soft magic woodland cottage. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 include Plant Life: A zine about our relationships with plants, fully watercolored, and Hazel: A Witches’ Lifestyle Zine Issue III, which is filled with cozy woodland magic by a variety of writers, illustrators, and comic artists. Hazel is a soothing antidote to modern haste. This issue takes inspiration from words, the magic of words, and knowing just the right words.

Steph Dumais

Steph Dumais and collaborators make underground horror comics. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 are Violent Skate Bulldogs, a collection of short stories, which appeared in the pages of Dizaster Mag, mydlo zin and chaos w mojej glowie from 2014 to 2016, and Kill of the Spyderwoman and other Skin-Crawlin’ Stories, which contains 13 dastardly tales from Masters of the Bizarre, S.C.A.R. ~ Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr.

Beth Wagner

Beth Wagner creates comics and original artwork. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 are Isaac & Lee Issue #1, which is about a lowly bookstore owner and a friendly local anarchist who join forces to take on the world! and Sam Hawke in ‘Crime’s Client’, which is about Sam Hawke who is visited by a mysterious man that has a simple task for him, accompany him to the city vault. But the task turns out to be anything but simple.

Katie Haegele

Katie Haegele is a writer and longtime zine maker from Philadelphia. Most of her zines are memoir-style writing about her life, and she also writes about books, material culture, plants, and cats. She often collaborates with visual artists on my zine projects. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 include Garden Club, a story about belonging to a suburban garden club, with illustrations by Sacha Mardou, and The Kytchyn Witch Guide to Natural Living, a collection of recipes for plant-based body care and household cleaning products, plus information on growing, harvesting, and drying herbs.

Crash Reynolds

Crash Reynolds creates zines and art. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 like The Crash Reynolds Starter Zine Bundle, which includes 5 micro zines, 3 vinyl stickers, and a “You Matter” card, as well as the Mystery Art & Sticker Grab Bags, which contains prepackaged envelopes that will have at least 2 art prints/original art pieces, 2 postcards, and 2 stickers. is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist. They create digital drawings and animations, as well as zines, stickers, and machine embroidered work. will be bringing zines, stickers, and more at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Screamin’ Skull Press – Tony and Nicole Nesca

Screamin’ Skull Press exclusively publishes the works of the Nescas, and along with ‘Hobo’, released Nicole I. Nesca’s collection, ‘Kamikaze White Noise’ this year. Raw, electric, and with a free-flowing mix of prose and poetry, the companion pieces are explorations of sexual freedom, art, death, and love. At Virtual Canzine 2020 expect to see some fun and gritty literary fiction!

Arden Cahill

Arden Cahill is a Trans-masculine, Artist, Illustrator, and Twitch Streamer. At Virtual Canzine 2020, Cahill will be bringing the NintendNO COLORing Book and Guys In Thigh Highs.

Anita Bhatia

Anita Bhatia is a Vancouver-based artist that loves creating anything in 2D. She has a cartoony and cutesy default style and gravitates towards creating punny yet thought-provoking comics and zines. She also, create greeting cards for any occasion. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 are Disheartened, a short comic that follows a conversation between the heart and the brain, outlining their differences but ultimately showing how they support each other. This was a best-seller last year! Bhatia will also be bringing Overthinking, a short comic about the brain overthinking. The heart comes to its rescue and helps support him through his dark thoughts.

Maya LeMaitre

Maya LeMatire is an illustrator and cartoonist currently living in Toronto. LeMaitre has been working as an illustrator since 2015 and have done a variety of work, including illustrations for concerts, short films, private commissions as well as educational illustrations for Psychology Press, Juta & Co. Ltd., and Maskew Miller Longman. Check out LeMaitre’s comics and illustrations at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Natalia Lopes

A freelance illustrator, indie comic artist, and art educator, Natalia Lopes works tirelessly to bring projects far from the planes of consciousness to life. Her retro line work and alluringly horrifying subjects pay a loving nod to horror, anime, and science fiction. Expect to see some art prints, comics, and zines such as The Chilling Wind of Rage Rattles My Bones at Virtual Canzine 2020

Eric Belanger

Eric Belanger is an artist who is driven towards oddity and believes that bizarre imagery has the power to promote meaningful discourse. Belanger creates sketches, illustrations, comics, and animations. Check out some of Belanger’s work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Joni Taylor

Joni Taylor is an artist, illustrator, and writer, whose work is deeply informed by the eclectic influences of MAD Magazine, SNL, the chaotic, satirical work of Ralph Steadman, and the dynamic duo of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake. Passionate about the plight of the underdog (takes one to know one), Joni’s zines cover subjects from feminism to ageism and global warming, Joni feels strongly about setting the record straight — even if it’s just in her own mind. Her work is imbued with her own hyperbolic sense of what’s funny turning a satirical take on current events. Take a look at some of Taylor’s comics such as Let me tell you about the birds and seeds, which will be available atVirtual Canzine 2020!

Alexis Young

Alexis Young is a Freelance Illustrator and Designer based in Toronto. Her work is made up of illustrations, travelogues, and paper crafts inspired by adventure, magic, and the slices of life. Check out some of their illustrations and designs at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Holly McGillis

Holly McGillis is a Non-binary freelance illustrator with a focus on the magical qualities of narrative and storytelling. Holly finds inspiration in the world above – the sky, the stars, and the clouds. They tell of whimsical, light-hearted journeys held in places of wonder. They use a strong sense of nostalgia and detail in their work to create something reminiscent of a dream. When people recall Holly’s work they can do so with a smile✨?. Check out some of McGillis’s work like The Dreaming Tree and The Forest at Virtual Canzine 2020

Alyssa Pisciotto

Alyssa Pisciotto is a Queer Painter and printmaker from LaSalle, Ontario now residing in Toronto. While her primary practice revolves around painting, she enjoys making small wearable accessories and zines as a hobby. The creation of these items is an outlet for life’s stressors and as a way of working through artist block. Pisciotto has amazing works on paper such as California Dreamin’, and Watercolour on Wood, check them out at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Stephanie Kennedy Sobol

S. Kennedy Sobol is the creator and editor of Hermine annual literary zine. Some of their work available to purchase at Virtual Canzine 2020 include Hermine: Issue 1

Sebastien Sunstrum

Sebastien Sunstrum is a cartoonist making science fiction stories. Sunstrum’s goal is to create something out of the ordinary while reflecting on things that fascinate them, like the ideas and philosophy behind architecture, machinery, history, etc. IRON BLUE is their first long-form work, and they are releasing it in installments as the go. Check out Iron Blue #1, the first part of a new series inspired by classic mecha anime, architecture and city life, politics, and futurism, at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Carli Boisjolie

Carli Erin Boisjolie is a Vancouver-based printmaker and bookbinder, and holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She is currently a letterpress instructor at Malaspina Printmakers. Boisjolie’s practice often explores ideas of identity in relation to place, using letterpress, drawing, and the form of artist books. As a printmaker, her work explores process, pattern, sequence, and repetition, which are inherent to the discipline. Her work has been exhibited in Vancouver, Portland, and Japan. Some of their works available at Virtual Canzine 2020 include Standby and Places of Theirs.

Joey Dean “Toadstool”

Joey Dean is the creator of Toadstool Illustrates and works as Executive Creative Director as well as a Blog Editor for Cold Strawberries Collective. He is a trans-male Artist in Hamilton, Ontario who is working to provide representation for other transgender folks in his community through his comics, writing, and gender-fluid modeling. Take a look at some of Toadstool’s magical creations at Virtual Canzine 2020, such as his Make Racists Afraid Again Acrylic pin!

EA Douglas

EA Douglas is a writer and artist living in Vancouver on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. She writes about the intersection of mental health and creativity. Subscribe to the Strange and Mysterious Creatures digital perzine! It’s a completely free perzine delivered straight to your inbox every couple of months. Some of their work like Strange and Mysterious Creatures Yellow Issue and Strange and Mysterious Creatures Purple Issue will be available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Jenny Hsieh

Jenh is an illustrator from Vancouver, BC. She is inspired by day-to-day life, emotions, and nostalgia. Check out some of their handmade items like the Wooden Shiba Bakery Pin Badges at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Sarah Evenson

Sarah Evenson (They/Them) is a genderqueer screen-printer and zinester with an interest in adapting book arts to low-tech environments. Their highly illustrative and often sassy work playfully combines text and images to (hopefully) comedic effects. Some of their work includes Who Will you Marry?, Super Mega Pretty Preeteen Witchcraft Slumber Party Sleepover, and Drac’s Place. Check out Evenson’s zines at Virtual Canzine 2020. 

Fly Gallery Projects

Fly Gallery was a storefront window gallery located in the Queen West neighborhood of Toronto, co-curated by artists Tanya Read and Scott Carruthers from 1999-2011. The mandate of the gallery was to keep art accessible, provide a free space for artists to exhibit, and to contribute to the cultural life of the street. Fly Gallery Projects continues this mandate, bringing artists together. Take a look at some of the independent art publications and projects at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Jennifer Lee Copping

Jennifer Lee Copping is a 29-year-old invisibly disabled bisexual women, an illustration grad, part-time baker, and an in training expressive arts therapist. Copping creates zines, prints, handmade pins, and other one of a kind art, stickers, enamel pins, patches, clothing, and more. Copping’s work focuses their expression as a very feminine bi woman, explores their invisible disabilities (particularly their personality disorder and being on the schizo spectrum), and anything else that interests them; particularly horror, bright colors, and trying new mediums. Check out some of their work like Sad Bi Zine and Pretty/Gross Perzine at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Andi Schwartz

Andi Schwartz is a writer, editor, acafemmeic, and creator of the Soft Femme zine series, a collection of writing on softness, feminism, femme theory, camp, friendship, and the end of the world. The Soft Femme zine series is Illustrated by Amber Wielenga. Take a look at some of Schwartz zines at Virtual Canzine 2020, which include Femmemoir and Soft Femme. 

House of Bob

House of Bob is a Calgary based group of writers and artists creating stories inspired by sci-fi, fantasy, and tabletop role-playing games. Shop some of their items this fall at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Sage Pantony

Sage Pantony (they/them) is a queer and non-binary poet, essayist, zinester, and trickster who writes about sexuality, gender, mental health, trauma, life, death, nature, society, and creativity. Take a look at some of their zines like One Year on T: On Non-Binary Sex & Transition and 1.5 Years on T: My Non-Binary Body, Transition & Ambivalence at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Mazie Lovie

Mazie Lovie is an illustrator and cartoonist from London, Ontario who likes to create fun, silly designs and comics about witches. Check out Lovie’s zines, pins, and patches at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Michael McGlennon

The illustrative comic works of Michael McGlennon explores narrative through drawing, printmaking, and self-publishing. Building fantastical worlds to explore curiosities and phenomena found in the parallels of waking life, the work resides somewhere between fine art and novelty. Subjects revolve around an ongoing philosophical crisis expressed through a humorous pessimism and illustrated with an accessible pop surrealist style. Check out McGlennon’s WHYVALE zines, an annual collection of illustrated writing, revolving around themes of rural adolescence, at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Baby Robert

Baby Robert makes zines. Check out their independent artist books at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Maira McDermott

Maira McDermott is an agender weirdo living in the Bay Area, making zines about mental health, gender/queerness, and pop culture (mostly King of the Hill and karaoke). They have two coloring books about dog walking and the greatest meal of the day, breakfast! They have a few mini zines that range in topics from tea timing to Sheryl Crow. Take a look at their queer zines and queer accessories at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Seb Pines

Seb Pines/spines is a zinester, material artist, and game writer/designer. Creator of zines, book works, textiles, and games to explore interactivity, tactility, and embodiment. Their work is heavily informed by their experiences of being a non-binary queer crip non-corporeal entity and they aim to make personal and emotional art that works its way into your guts and has a hard time leaving. Check out their work this fall at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Mary Marge Locker

Mary Marge Locker started making zines about weird travel experiences in 2016, and now it’s the only thing they ever want to do. Locker’s zines are heavily text-based, they fervently believe we need more long-form essays in zine forms! Whether it’s a vaguely political pamphlet or one of their 2 (!) zines just about hangovers, they hope their little papers can achieve a touch of universality in addition to providing waaaay TMI about themselves! Check out Locker’s first issue on Shia LaBeoufat Virtual Canzine 2020.

Bailey Christine

Bailey Christine is an artist living in Arizona creating vintage-inspired work meant to inspire warmth, whimsy, kindness, and education. Some of their work available at Virtual Canzine 2020 include prints, stickers, and zines such as Worm and You & Me.

Eustace and Yong Ling

Eustace and Yong Ling are just folks making comics in their free time. During their non-free time, Eustace does storyboards and Yong Ling illustrates children’s books. Take a look at some of their books, illustrations, and comics like Underpass, available at Virtual Canzine 2020.


Shanaz (pronounced shaa-naz), is a Kurdish-Iraqi-Canadian artist and designer. Shanaz is a craftivist who creates zines. One of the amazing zines Shanaz will bring to Virtual Canzine 2020 is Laundromat, a zine containing Analog film photographs. Developed, scanned manually. Edited and designed digitally Copied in Black on coloured paper.

Cole Pauls

Cole Pauls is a Tahltan comic artist, illustrator, and printmaker hailing from Haines Junction (Yukon Territory) with a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University. Residing in Vancouver, Pauls focuses on his two comic series, the first being Pizza Punks: a self-contained comic strip about punks eating pizza, the other being Dakwäkãda Warriors. In 2017, Pauls won Broken Pencil Magazine’s Best Comic and Best Zine of the Year Award for Dakwäkãda Warriors II. In 2020, Dakwäkãda Warriors won Best Work in an Indigenous Language from the Indigenous Voices Awards and was nominated for the Doug Wright Award categories, The Egghead & The Nipper. Check out some of their work such as Dakwäkãda Warriors at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Kamado Stories

Mo of Kamado Stories is a Zainichi Korean/ Canadian homesteading in the foothills of rural Japan. Take a look at Kamado Stories zine, Zine: 손맛  Son-mat, a collection of family recipes by womxn, non-binary and trans folk of the Asian diasporas, at Virtual Canzine 2020

Girls, on Film

Girls, On Film is hopelessly devoted to 80’s movies. For each issue, they select a theme and discuss a handful of 80’s movies related to that theme. Past issues have focused on music, sports, the summer, food, working, role-reversals, animation, entertainers, robots, and road trips. All issues are available to read, for free, on their website. They welcome guest writers! Visit their website for more info. They’re based in Washington, DC. Some of their zines like Girls, On Film The Robots Issue and Girls, On Film The Animation Issue will be available at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Marta Chudolinska

Marta Chudolinska is a multidisciplinary artist who makes comics, artist books, and other publications using woodcut & linocut prints, papercuts, and a variety of drawing materials. Her wordless graphic novel, Back + Forth: A novel in 90 linocuts, was published in 2009 by the Porcupine’s Quill Press. Since then, she has continued to produce comics that incorporate her interests in personal narratives, fantastical stories, and handmade processes. Her papercut comic, Babcia, a historical memoir that aims to rebuild her connection to her late grandmother, cut short by immigration and illness, is currently being serialized in Broken Pencil MagazineSome of the work available at Virtual Canzine 2020 include books and comics like Genesis’ risograph comic. 

Stacey Bru

Lost Scissors Press is the publishing house of Stacey Lee Bru, a queer artist, and maker living in rural Alberta. Stacey creates whimsical zines and artwork for the communities they love and the people within them. Check out more of their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Barbara Reid

Barbara Reid is a settler on unceded Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh land making uncomfortably earnest zines and comics about queerness, mental illness, magic, and being extremely good-looking. Stay tuned for more of their artwork and creations at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Antiquated Future

Antiquated Future is a zine distro out of Portland, Oregon, USA that’s been running since 2008. Check them out this fall at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Anisa Rawhani

Anisa Rawhani is an editor and illustrator at Broken Pencil Magazine. She makes handy zine-sized mental health guides. All proceeds from her zines are donated. Currently, she’s directing funds to anti-Black racism organizations (based on need) and Lebanon relief funds. Check out more of her stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Ginny Fanthome

Ginny Fanthome has been involved in the Canadian music scene as a drummer, college radio and club DJ, and music promoter. Fanthome started playing in punk bands at 19 when it was rare to see a female drummer. They write about people in music because there are so many crazy stories to tell. Take a look at Ginny’s debut novel, Loose Gravel, a grimy road story of Spooge – a punk band who get to know each other way more than they might want, available at Virtual Canzine 2020.

The Pandemic Post

The Pandemic Post is a quaranzine for good causes. A project that started in the advent of the Covid crisis (designed to entertain everyone stuck at home and support those in need), each issue features contributed content from artists, writers, chefs, photographers, performers, poets, and more. 100% of their profits are currently being donated to the Audre Lorde Project, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans, and Gender Non-Conforming POC community organizing center focusing on the NYC area. Shop their zines like The Pandemic Post Issue No. 4 at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Meegan Estelle Lim

Meegan Estelle Lim (b. 1999, Brampton, Ontario) is a multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. By synthesizing imagery from both western and eastern iconography, Lim’s illustration work deconstructs notions of cultural identity and mental health with her detailed applications of color and symbolism. With hopes that it will connect and resonate with people and their experiences. Check out zines like MSG: The Craving for Cultural Embrace, available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Jonathan Rotsztain

Jonathan Rotsztain is all about DIY Zines & Comics — Real Punk Sh*t plus Autobio Cartooning. Check out Rotsztain’s comics like the Dreary Diary Comics at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Talbert Johnson

Talbert Johnson is a queer cartoonist/critter from the wilds of Cottage Country, now living in the Big Smoke! They make comics about history, funny, animal, and funny animals. Visit Virtual Canzine 2020 to check out more of their work like Raccoon Goes To The Big City and Kohoutek.

Tori Holder

Tori Holder is a Comix zinester based in Los Angeles. Take a look at their zines such as You Are A Moon, a minizine about you and the moon, at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Berlin Reed

Berlin Reed is a writer, curator, chef, and Papa living just outside of Montreal. With the goal of centering new perspectives and making the publishing process better for the artist, Green Pearl Press is a new adventure inspired by the events of 2020 and their own experiences within the mainstream “indie” publishing industry. Reed has written and contributed to a few zines since the mid-aught’s, and being home this year has brought them back to the outlet of zine-making. They’re stoked to share a liberation history zine & poster set collab with artist Angela Larsen and a few copies of their 2013 cookbook zine, FYAH. Check out more of their work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

My Moving Parts

My Moving Parts are a husband and wife partnership working at making wearable art with meaning, as well as just trying to have fun. Robb is an illustrator and cartoonist, and Rebecca is a screen-printer. He designs, she prints. They juggle trying to run a small business from their basement while raising our two rambunctious kids. Check out some of their cool stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

River Kero and Wake Cook

River Kero and Wake Cook are two comic artists who make comics about science fiction, sexuality, and more! Some of their work will be showcased at Virtual Canzine 2020, stay tuned!

MAU (Makers Artists United)

MAU (Makers Artists United) is a long-term artist-initiated project by Elisa Yon. The project aims to bring together local artists, designers, and makers to reimagine the function of souvenirs for Vancouver’s Chinatown. The project serves as a platform to examine, interpret, and highlight lesser-known histories, stories, and issues affecting the community. An interdisciplinary and collaborative approach is embedded in all MAU projects. Since 2018, multiple projects have been completed, including MAU Calendar Project, Pinafore Project and Solidarity Forever. Check out some of their stuff this fall at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Laura Salgarolo

Laura Salgarolo is an illustrator, bookmaker, and printmaker for whom storytelling has always been the foundation of creative impulse. Much of her work draws from fairytales and mythology, and from the transformations of such stories across time and culture. Through a balance of words and images, Laura explores the often contradictory and puzzling process of simultaneously retelling and critiquing, of honoring and subverting familiar narratives. Some of their illustrations and zines like Nooks and Grannies will be showcased at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson (she/her) is a multimedia creative from Vancouver island who currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Her educational background is in creative writing and publishing, and she has been an artist since childhood. Much of her work is inspired by narrative, longing, and femininity. Her zines tend to be very personal, coming out of feelings or experiences. Shop for their work like i’m tired, a one-sheet mini-zine, at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Haley Boros

Haley Boros is a published cartoonist, illustrator, and award-winning graphic designer. She has contributed to several comic and art anthologies including CORPUS, Everything is Going Wrong, Faerie Fire, Local Haunts and more. When not at her essential service career in the label printing & manufacturing industry, her time spent at home during this Pandemic has been achieving a 5-star island rating on Animal Crossing, baking lots of focaccia bread, and drawing comics about her three-legged dog, Rusty. Check out some of their artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Nina Slykhuis-Landry

Nina is a queer, non-biinary artist living and working in Montreal, who specializes in comics, illustration, and mural painting. Their body of work is built around themes of gender identity, working class history, and alternate states of consciousness. Some of their comics like Lesbian Bar Rituals and Am I gay enough at Virtual Canzine 2020.


is PRESS publishes short-run art books and zines documenting urban art, art pranks, conceptual performance art, and contemporary graphic art in an accessible narrative format along the loose theme of individuals and their relationship to groups. Their hand-made art books and zines deploy a sophisticated design aesthetic and high-quality printing, often featuring letterpress covers. Check out their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Sid Sharp

Sid Sharp is an artist and illustrator from Toronto who draws sad soft horror stories. They go to OCAD, work in a bookstore, and collect good sticks. Keep an eye out for Sharp’s comics available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Miles Davitt

Miles Davitt is an Australian currently living and working in Wellington, New Zealand, making art and zines in his free time. He’s pretty new to this whole art thing, and still figuring out the sorts of things he wants to make, but having heaps of fun with it so far. Hew draws a lot of animals and dabbles in watercolor. Check out Davitt’s zines such as Toasted Stoat and From My Island to Yours at Virtual Canzine 2020!


WAT + ZAV is a collective of outsiders who currently work and live in Toronto. We like to make work that explores personal and societal conflicts with thoughtfulness and humour, and about connecting to the natural world around us. Through self-publishing, we aspire to relate to others through observational commentary, storytelling, and drawing. See more of their work at Virtual Canzine 2020 this fall!

Shivaun Hoad

Shivaun Hoad writes and self-publishes comics and zines about mind-reading robots, dealing with death & paperwork, dating & breaking up, brain injury recovery, and professional wrestling. Take a look at some of her zines like Every Straight Dude on Bumble at Virtual Canzine 2020.

House of Bob (Jake Grundy)

Jake Grundy of House of Bob is a Toronto based illustrator who makes comics about oddballs and low-lifes in a fantastical setting. Check out their work at Virtual Canzine 2020 in the fall.

Shadow W

Shadow (they/them) is a drifting anarchoconsciousness collaging words and creating worlds. Check out some of their zines like absolute and incontestable truths and maybe at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Lex Kartanė

Lex (they/them) is a Lithuanian autistic disabled queer zinester. Most of their work talks about disability, mental health, autism, ableism, but they’re also interested in exploring other topics, such as animals, perzines, animal liberation, and justice. Some examples of zines available at Virtual Canzine 2020 are Disability is not a burden. Ableism is and whale planet (or learning about humxns).

Sabrina Rawlins

Sabrina Rawlins is a queer Vancouver based illustrator. Rawlins was raised in the Church in Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormonism) and strives every day to live in such a way to make the men in charge of that church mad. So far, their best bet has been to reject gender, be an artist, and talk shit. Be open to their comics and illustrations at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Bo Doodley

Bo Doodley is a Toronto-based independent artist with a love of lowbrow but learning to explore new themes via perzines. Be on the lookout for some of Bo Doodley’s work like My Darkest Secrets – A Compilation Comic at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Vivian Wood

Vivian Wood is a 12-year-old artist. Wood enjoys drawing, creating zines, and working on new things for their Etsy store where they sell clay accessories! Check out some of their cool items like the Clay Fried Egg Pin at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Meleena Bee

Meleena Bee is an artist and printmaker based out of the GTA, they specialize in black and white ink portraits and geometric designs. Stay tuned for more of their work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Dave Ho Sang

Eat Sleep Meep is the merch outlet for designer Dave Ho Sang’s penguin content. Apparel, gifts, and zines featuring Percy the penguin and his friends Bearence (bear), Hooey (owlet), Ricky (cat), Wolf (w0lf), and the peeps (baby chickens). Stay tuned for Percy Penguin, everyone’s favourite penguin, and his pals’ merch at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Christopher Green

The Turtle Library is a giant turtle with a library in its belly and a group of adventurous young librarians living in its shell. What you will be browsing is the gift shop of a remote branch of this library, staffed by a librarian and cartoonist called MUMBLETHIEF. Check out more of Green’s stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Jeffery Jessie Kingsley

Jessie (they/them) is a nonbinary cartoonist and animator. They make zines on mental health, and love to draw furries and monsters. Some zines available to purchase at Virtual Canzine 2020 are DISORDER, a comic about OCD, coping, and seeing the positives, and DISTRESS, a comic about general and social anxiety and how to navigate the world around.

Red Ribbon Shoppe

Jiayi runs Red Ribbon Shoppe, a store filled with their own cute designs of original artwork and fan merch! Their designs are inspired by nature and nostalgia, and they hope it will put a smile on your face! Check out their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Fiona Goldberg

Fiona Goldberg, also known as KettleBird Comics and Illustration, is a proud Vancouver resident who loves creating mini-comics and illustrations! They hope to someday produce a webcomic, but for now, they’re happy writing stories and illustrating new worlds as they imagine them. Check our their illustrations and comics at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Friends and Food

Friends & Food is a group of friends, Joslin, Roberta, and Sylvia, who like to meet up for food and draw stuff. Although they may not always be in the same place, city, or country, it always feels like one great family reunion whenever they get together. Their comic anthology Friends & Food: stories started off during one of their legendary hot pot gatherings. They imagined a world filled with little food creatures. From there, stories of this world’s cities began to emerge. Check out their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Bernadine Lazaro

Bernadine Lazaro is a Bulbasaur enthusiast, educator, and advocate for mental health awareness. Lazaro creates zines to educate others on what they’ve learned through their painful experiences, to let others know they’re not alone, and hopefully shed some light. Take a look at some of their stickers and charms at Virtual Canzine 2020. 

Izalixe Straightheart

Izalixe Straightheart is a bilingual zinester from Canada creating perzines about home, travel, individuality, mental health, language, and whatever they notice in society around them. Check out more of Straightheart’s zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Liz Yerby

Liz Yerby makes comics about anxiety/depression as well as comics about lgbtq+ issues. They’re interested in where personal stories meet historical narratives and sometimes draw themselves as a mouse. They live in Portland, Oregon and they are very tired. Check out more of their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Anita Ho

​Anita Ho is a visual development artist, freelance illustrator, and art consultant based in Vancouver, BC. Her art is fun and full of color and she uses plants and animals as inspiration for her work. She also likes creating fantasy characters and fictional worlds in her drawings. Other than drawing, she enjoys basking in nature, spending her time playing dungeons & dragons with friends, and tabling at local art festivals. Keep an eye out for her artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Rita Fei

Rita Fei is a Vancouver-based illustrator who is currently working full-time as a concept artist, and a freelancer for tabletop RPGs. She loves creating characters and worlds for the wonderfully broad spectrum of speculative fiction. Check out some of Fei’s work at Virtual Canzine 2020. 

Peter Gabel

Peter Gabel is the Editor-at-Large of Tikkun and the author most recently of The Desire for Mutual Recognition: Social Movements and the Dissolution of the False Self. Take a look at Gabel’s work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Terran V. Shaver

Terran V. Shaver’s is a spoonie, femme-witch, artist, and activist devoted to creating a slow new world. She weaves ancient, intuitive wisdoms with modern mind-body-planet sciences to create moon and nature rituals, community programs, and anti-capitalist resources. Keep an eye out for her creations at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Laura Rowley

Laura Rowley from Illuminated Press is a teaching book artist who creates little books with the hope of making a positive difference in the lives of people who read them. Stay tuned for works by Illuminated Press at Virtual Canzine 2020!

CM Wain

CM Wain (they/them) is a trans/nonbinary writer, illustrator and zine maker. Trying to make the queer content theu want to see in the world. Check out their most recent zine, The L Word Alpha-Bette available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Adroit Automotive Empowerment

Adroit Automotive Empowerment wants to help everyone learn about car maintenance, no matter what your experience! We create comics and zines that help you learn practical car tips. They want to empower anyone who feels lost or confused when they go to a mechanic with some basic knowledge and skills! They also have other car-related products (flipbooks, buttons, stickers) that are just for funsies. Check out their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Nic Wilson

Nic Wilson is an artist and a writer based on Treaty Four Land in Regina, SK. They make work about the holes, gaps, and edges of time, history, and queerness. Their work often takes the form of writing and publishing. Stay tuned for more of their work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Elise Dawson

Elise Dawson is a restless Canadian artist working across various mediums. Dawson is caught between painting, performance, and poetry as well as lens-based works. Their process is an imperfect recording of the challenges and failures of creating a work of art. The imperfections in the midst of the ideals are the point. Check out their artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Markus Star Harwood-Jones

Starkiss Creations shares the zines, short novels, visual art, and various other projects created by Markus “Star” Harwood-Jones. Themes include gender, sexuality, identity, sex work, community, mental health, trauma, survival, love, family, and much more. Some of the work they’ll be bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 include Everything and All At Once, a five Part Zine Series, and We Three, a Youth Adult Novel.

Matthew Springer

Matthew Springer is an AUArts 2020 photography alumni and a multidisciplinary artist specializing in illustration, photography, sound, and sonic experimentation. They’ve worked on a variety of different projects such as murals, comic books/zines, magazines, many varieties of music, and album artwork for themselves, and other musicians. Check out Springer’s comics and illustrations at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Erin Keyo Alcock

Keyo makes zines, about stories, art, poetry, dreams, reflections of life and person, photos, chronic pain, politics, queerness, and more! They live in Vancouver (on stolen territory), and study teaching when not writing. Keep an eye out for their comics and zines at Virtual Canzine 2020. 

The Sunday Night Bombers

The Sunday Night Bombers is an independent, artist-run collective with a central focus on publishing artist books and zines. The principal ambition of SNB is to provide a platform for outsider creators that is both adherent and accessible. Take a look at some of their books and zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Adi Berardini (Femme Art Review)

Femme Art Review is a publication providing space for women and LGBTQ2+ voices that aims to reflect on art and culture in a dynamic, engaging way. Interested in their work? Stay tuned for more at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Clara Christopher

Clara Christopher makes hand-drawn risograph-printed zines. Check out more of their zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Zile Ozols

Zile creates short collage zines. The topics range from random nothings to sharing personal experiences in a humorous way (hopefully). Check out their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Andrew Presutto

Andrew Presutto is an illustrator and designer based in Toronto(ish). His visual interests lie in boldly graphic and well designed shapes. He is highly drawn to vivid colours, especially black and white (which he definitely counts as colours). He regularly finds inspiration in: abstraction, natural landscapes, biology, drag and old stuff! Check out Presutto’s artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!


MONIKER PRESS is a risograph print and publishing studio that works collaboratively with artists and writers to produce small editions of books, zines, and print ephemera. Take a look at more of their books and zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Lily Huang

Lily Huang (Hualilee) is a first-generation Asian-Canadian artist based in Toronto. Her artworks communicate the intricacies of connection, of people, and the world we inhabit. She creates illustrative works that represent the empowerment and celebration of personhood. It is influenced by dreams, mythology, and love as well as works in various mediums of analog, digital, and traditional printmaking techniques. Take a look at more of Huang’s work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Mary Thaler

Mary Thaler draws comics, some of them about their life, others gripping adventures about the insect world. Lecteurs franophone ou francophile: la majorité des mes zines sont disponibles en français, mais je ne pouvais pas les toutes afficher à cause des limitations du site. Si vous voudriez avoir une zine en français qui n’est pas affichée, veuillez me contacter directement. Check out their work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Gytha Press

Gytha Press is a Calgary-based small press specializing in comics, zines, and art. Gytha Press believes their most important job is being responsible to their community, their artists, their readers, and themselves. Keep an eye out for their comics, zines, and art at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Hannah Browne (Feels)

Feels is, well, a publication about feelings. It is a place to explore, to share, and to be honest. Having an open dialogue about what’s going on inside of us can foster meaningful connection and make us feel less alone. Feels believes there are no good or bad feelings — the value comes from how we relate to them, how we experience them, and what we learn from them. Feels believes in inclusion and recognizes that certain voices have been given the lion’s share of the spotlight throughout history. They are a feminist, sex-positive, 2SLGBTQ*, anti-racist, anti-colonial publication. Take a look at more of their work at Virtual Canzine 2020!


FriendshipToTheMax is a group of friend-babes who love to craft together! They make…whatever they feel like! This includes zines, comics, pins, stickers, flipbooks, jewelry, and coasters. Find stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Wednesday Bell

Wednesday Bell is a writer and zine-maker from Toronto. Bell enjoys making cut-and-paste style zines about topics including anti-capitalism, vulnerability, mental illness, and music. Check out their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Mick Moran

Mick Moran creates Imposter Monster Zines! Mick (they/them) is a fat, white, genderqueer, disabled zinester in Brooklyn, NY. They’re also a radical full-spectrum doula and the editor of The Doula Project’s zine, DIY Doula: Self-Care for Before, During, & After Your Abortion. Mick mostly makes zines about different forms of self-advocacy. They love hand-lettering, playing the ukulele, and giant salads.  If you’d like to see more details on any of these zines or order items individually that you don’t see listed, please check out Moran’s Etsy shop! Check out more of their zines such as the Imposter Monster Zine at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Christopher Michaud

Chris Michaud is a multi-disciplinary artist, interested in comics, prose, poetry, theatre, painting, printmaking, music, and any other form of expressive communication you can think of. Michaud’s conceptual comic strip, the Epic Adventures of Every-Man, was featured in The Link Newspaper for five years. Currently, they are working on a guerrilla public space exhibition, #guttertrashromance, in which they publicly have installed several paintings and hundreds of prints throughout the city of Montreal. Check out some of their comics like Skidmark and the Shit #2 at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Stacey Toth & Michaela Morgan (The Common Cunts)

Stacey Toth and Michaela Morgan of The Common Cunts examine oppression truthfully in pursuit of sustainable change. Through advocacy, creative expression, and community education, they hold those in power responsible for the repercussions of their shortcuts. They are jaded enough to know what sucks and driven enough to change it. Complacency kills. Check out Complacency Kills and other reads at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Perennial Press

Perennial Press archives truths through fiction and poetry. They are committed to highlighting and uplifting voices & perspectives that have traditionally been underrepresented in literature. They are always looking for new authors to partner with and publish. They center narratives of womxn, people of color, and queer folks. Their published works explore trauma and resilience in our histories, and visions of more just futures. Find their chapbooks, merch, books, and more written work like super/natural at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Ben Toner and Sarah Jaworski (Wyrdsmyth Press)

Ben Toner and Sarah Jaworski make up Wyrdsmyth Press, a micropress producing hand-printed and typewritten art prints and poetry. Their work embraces a witchy nature aesthetic and most works involve an element of chance! Take a look at their chapbook and zines like Whisper Sip Stir at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Olivia Thomson

Olivia Thomson is an artist and zine maker from New Brunswick! Instead of studying for their combined physics/ English degree, they can usually be found drawing, painting, thinking about what to draw or paint, or napping. Find some of their artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Jesseca Buizon

Jesseca Buizon is a Toronto-based Filipino-Canadian illustrator who graduated from OCADU’s illustration program. She creates illustrations by merging traditional and digital mediums; exploring narratives and themes that touch on relationships, sisterhoods, and growing up. But sometimes she just likes to mindlessly doodle gym socks or frogs. Discover her illustrations and zines like YIKES VOL.01 ZINE at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Sammy Roach

Sammy Roach is a cartoonist and illustrator based in London, Ontario. They like to make goofy stuff and sometimes nice things too. Check out Sammy Roach’s work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Michy Soong (Punimelt)

Punimelt was created by Michy Soong, who animates, illustrates, share stories & design goods like stationery. Find their cute stickers and enamel pins at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Genie Liang

Genie is a minimalist illustrator from Toronto, Canada, currently represented in Japan and Asia. Her work has captivated audiences for their soft colors and firm lines. Fascinated by illusions and dreams, Genie creates mesmerizing pastel compositions and succinct visual metaphors. Currently, she is writing and illustrating her graphic novel, “A Cat’s Diary” (2021). Take a look at their illustrations and books like the comic book, Western Thinker, at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Keeping Six Hamilton

Keeping Six is a community-based organization that defends the rights, dignity, and humanity of people who use drugs. Membership is primarily people with lived experience and we create a quarterly zine with contributions from the community to share their stories with the community as well to advocate for the community to a wider audience. They are also featuring zines by Katie Sullivan who is part of their art outreach team. Want to support this amazing organization? Check out their quarterly zine at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Shizuka Yoshimura

 Shizuka Yoshimura is a Japanese runner and artist, currently living in Vancouver. They love mountain running, taking a nap, singing, gardening, and observing nature. They traveled to many places in 2014 to 2019, and I made zines through this experience and what they saw in the world. They’re a writer, photographer, and gardener as well! So their art can be many different forms, sometimes zines, photographs, articles or vegetables! Check out some of their zines like Blind Spot Observation at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Andrew Hammond Kendall (AHK)

Off White by AHK (monthly analog art/comics/poetry zine, screenprint/xerox) and other assorted arts, straight from deep in the heart of the middle of nowhere, Texas, America. Check out their shirts and other goods at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Jade Zhang

Jade Zhang is an illustrator and comic artist based in Toronto. Jade is passionate about telling stories exploring identity, sexuality, and the occasional eldritch horror. Jade has worked in editorial, murals, and publishing, she is looking to get into graphic novels. Check out their illustrations, books, and comics like First Sight, at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Salvatore Giommarresi

Salvatore Giommarresi is a comics author, illustrator, He’s a former member and editor of the collective Lök Zine (a magazine about illustration and comic). His work draws inspiration from a variety of different sources and especially from what he experiences first-hand during his travels around the world. He likes experimenting new ways to apply traditional techniques such as origami to his art. Check out his stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Catherine Ouellet-Cummings (Grilled cheese Mag)

L’abricot is a graphic design and printing shop based in Montreal. They publish Grilled Cheese Magazine, a bilingual magazine for children aged 2-4 and 5-10 printed in risography. They also publish zines printed in risography. Take a look at their work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Juli Ivy (Fyscuit Cafe)

Fy is a game artist from Brazil that specializes in 2D puppet animation. In their free time, they like immersing themselves in a lot of personal projects, and they love doing crafts and writing comics. They’re heavily influenced by anime and Japanese games, and they love designing cute and silly characters. Take a look at some of their charms and wooden pins, available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Rachel Davidson

Rachel Davidson is a half-Chinese, half-Irish educator and artist who studied and worked in California, Hokkaido, and England before returning to her hometown of Vancouver. She loves painting watercolor food & landscapes, taking photos, and sharing all sorts of tiny delights with the world. Check out Davidson’s travel photo books, small zines, and stickers at Virtual Canzine 2020!

The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse was created to be a supporting resource for those facing barriers of accessibility – a community center made for and by the multiply marginalized. As a distro, it represents the art of various members across a range of topics, with the goal of building intersectional understanding and mutual support. Since 2012 they have offered dozens of workshops and tabled at zine fairs all over the continent. Find some of their amazing work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Sandy Chu

(ennui.jpg) started as an illustrated journal thinly veiled as a webcomic. It features stories/observations on urbanism, design, science fiction, humanism, and a never-ending coming-of-age. (written and drawn by Sandy Chu in Vancouver, BC). Check out her character designs and heartfelt stories at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Will Dee

Will Dee is an artist, writer, musician, dreamer. They use S.A.P Pressing as a platform for exploring how technology, science, and history intertwine with environmental and racial justice. Their two focuses are history and the future (colonial history, especially little known aspects, and projecting potential evolutions into future scenarios: those who don’t know the past are condemned to repeat it). Sci-fi, in any form, is often more the present than the future: a storytelling vehicle that allows exploration of current social unknowns. They’re finishing writing a short story series “Enduring Change in Dead Systems,” set in a post-climate change America. Stay tuned for some neat zines, art, and stickers at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Petranella Daviel

Petranella Daviel also known as lemonbabypress is a small lemon who makes comics! Check out more of lemonbabypress comics and zines at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Cathleen Chow

Cathleen Chow is a biracial Chinese-Canadian illustrator and woodworker. Her zines focus on existentialism and the preservation of Yue Chinese dialects. Check them out at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Scarlet Wings Kaili

Kelly Chen is the artist behind SWKart (Scarlet Wings Kaili). Since graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2018, she has published the first part of her webcomic Halfsoul, and is continuing to update weekly. Her work often has hidden themes about mental illness and recovery, with the occasional pun. In addition, she has also participated in a couple of anthologies such as Awesome Possum 3, Colossal Chaos, and Life Finds A Way as well as created various short comics. She will probably continue creating comics even after the world ends. Check them out at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Kelsey Anne McDougall

Kelsey McDougall is an illustrator and storyteller who works primarily with gouache, pencil crayons and watercolor. They most enjoy illustrating for children, with much of my inspiration stemming from my love of nature, animals (especially their dog Roxy), and any ‘little’ moments that grab their attention. When they are not creating, they enjoy running, playing my ukulele and drinking tea. Stay tuned for her artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Susie Wilson

Susie Wilson creates sci-fi and diary-style comics about birds, bugs, frogs, and being gay. Check out Wilson’s drawings and other artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Late Bloomer and Bookburner Press

They’re Late Bloomer and this is Bookburner (or maybe it’s the other way around)! They’re a pair of petite presses putting out pretty, printed publications, from prose to poetry. Bookburner is a very small press specializing in zines, chapbooks, and mini-comics that have an audio component. Late Bloomer is a micro-press and general store, slangin’ printed, handmade, and thoughtfully curated goods. They’re pals. Take a look at their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Stephanie Kenzie

Stephanie Kenzie is a Toronto-based illustrator and cartoonist who likes hand-binding books and drawing small furry creatures with boots. She wants you to know that you are doing awesome. Find their illustrations, comics, and zines like Catman Murder Mysteries 1, available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Madeleine Hansen

Madeleine Hansen (she/they) is a chronically ill and visually impaired queer femme cartoonist making autobiographical and sometimes-autobiographical-ish comics and drawings about love, magic, and gay relationships between friends and lovers. Check out their comics and short stories at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Caleb Sandblom

Caleb Sandblom is an illustrator, writer, and photographer who vomits up work with the intensity of a kid with a very weak stomach and an extremely sweet tooth. Check out more of their zines, available at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Alexander McMillan

Alexander McMillan is a Canadian born artist. McMillan’s work focuses on drawing, printmaking and printed matter. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario. Some of the work McMillan is bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020 include The Ball’s on the Slates, a 52-page risograph book with perfect bound stitching, and On Recall, a 20-page risograph book with amazing saddle stitching.

Jessica Bebenek

Jessica Bebenek is a poet and interdisciplinary artist working as a risograph bookmaker at the Centre for Expanded Poetics (Montreal QC). They also make one-of-a-kind notebooks made entirely from reclaimed & vintage materials! ~*~ visit for more unique handmade notebooks ~*~ Check out her poetry, short fiction, and chapbooks like fourth walk, at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Isabella Fassler

Isabella Fassler is an illustrator from Toronto and they love to create images that are full of texture and hopefully bring back memories once forgotten. Shop her art prints and illustrations at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Chelsea Ramos

Chelsea Ramos is just a clown who’s clownin’ around, making photo zines and illustrations of cute girls. Check out their first-ever zine at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Vicky Tong

Vicky Tong is a design student in Toronto. They love making simple designs/illustrations that can make people smile, or perhaps, make their day a little bit better. (Life can be tough af!) They’re also a plant-lover and they can nerd-out all day about plants. ? Check out Tong’s cool artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Nicole Elaine Schlosser

Nicole Elaine Schlosser is a zinester, gardener, educator, and artist living in Quebec. They like to make DIY zines or zines that are about whatever is on their mind, in the sense that if they’re thinking about food, or relationships or happiness, they might just make a zine about all these subjects and the ideas and thoughts that pop into their head. They sometimes make ‘art’ zines; a zine made through a traditional printing technique like screen printing or lithography, but they also really enjoy making the standard cut and past photocopy zines! Find more of Schlosser at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Sam Bellinger (Bingo Bango Press)

Bingo Bango Press is run by Toronto based artist and special collections librarian Sam Bellinger. Her passion for small press and printmaking has led her to pursue letterpress, linocutting, and digital printing techniques. All items are handmade from her apartment and a portion of all sales will go to the Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto 🙂 Take a look at Bellinger’s art prints, stickers, and a baby poetry zine at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Amanda Bee (The Crafty Concubine)

Amanda Bee is an artist, illustrator, and designer with a juxtaposed style. they love the world of dark detailed black work, but also bright new school colorful pieces. marrying the two has become a passion – combining dark (sometimes controversial) subject matter and youthful ‘activity book’ style printings…parental guidance is advised. Keep an eye out for their zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Neartown Zine

NEARTOWN ZINE is a collection of short sci-fi stories, interspersed with other artwork, exploring alternative justice practices (healing, transformative, restorative, and whatever our co-creators dream up). Through this process, they hope to experience what others imagine it means to get to Neartown, what challenges they might have there, and what solutions they can call into existence through Neartown. Neartown is them imagining, all at the same time, through the co-creation of the Neartown Zine. In part, this form of collective imagination is inspired by the work of adrienne maree brown and Walida Imarisha, along with the many writers who contributed to Octavia’s Brood. While everything around them is in an unpredictable flux, they’d like to share an adventure in Imarisha’s sentiment that *all organizing is science fiction*.  Neartown is a somewhere–nearby (likely) but sometimes it feels farther. They’re not really sure if you can even be in Neartown, or if you know it’s there before you stumble into it. It’s fleeting and palpable, it’s the imagining of another world. Neartown offers glimpses of places and structures and interactions that might be, that could be, that maybe already are. Neartown is a place that troubles notions of justice, imagining other formations. They get nearer when they ask questions, when they are curious, when they push the limits of imagination. Does getting nearer mean getting closer? They don’t know. Check out their curious collection of short stories at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Clara Lynas

Clara Lynas is from Scarborough Ontario, and I make zines and art that draw from my own personal experiences, poetry, queer love, bright colours, and warm sunlight. Keep an eye out for their artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020. 

Nina V. Rye (Word Ashes Press)

Nina V. Rye is a self-published author and they write poetry, flash fiction, and create digital art. Check out more of their zines and novels at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Karen Shangguan

Karen Shangguan is an illustrator from Vancouver, BC, who likes to create narratives based on quiet things such as feelings, emotions, and sensations. Check out more of Karen Shangguan at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Vivi Partridge

Vivi Patridge (they/them) is a young independent artist starting out in the world of comics and zines. They love all things pastel and fantasy. Their work is very inspired by video games, pop-culture and anime. They hope to make others smile through the zines, stickers and buttons that they create! Keep an eye out for the Orge fashion zine, SHREK-STETIC, which is available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Katie Gee Salisbury

Katie Gee Salisbury is a writer and photographer living in Brooklyn. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire, VICE, The Ringer, Refinery29, Lucky Peach, Roads & Kingdoms, The Rumpus, On Being, the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, and elsewhere. As a storyteller, she is drawn to narratives that explore culture, food, identity, and the lives of extraordinary women. Currently, she is at work on a narrative nonfiction book about Anna May Wong, the first Asian American movie star, for Dutton Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House. As a Spring 2017 TED Resident, she gave a TED Talk titled “As American as Chop Suey” about her photojournalism project on Chinese restaurant workers in New York; this project has since been adapted into a photography exhibition called Thank You Enjoy that has been shown in NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Twin Cities, and Berkeley, CA. Originally from California, Katie is half Anglo-Irish, half Chinese, and a fourth-generation Chinese American. Stay tuned for their art prints at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Ryan Mitchel (Stray Books)

Stray Books (est. 2018) first came to life in the back of a restaurant kitchen as a couple of cooks imagined new stories and worlds as they cut vegetables and trimmed the fat. A few years later, those cooks hung up their knives and picked up some pens, determined to not only bring those stories cooked up in the prep hall to life, but to find more stories tucked away in other hidden corners, and founded Stray Books. Since then, they’ve worked with writers and artists from all over Western Canada, bringing to life weird, funny, and touching original stories. Stray Books has always believed that thought-provoking, interesting, and worthwhile story telling lives in the written word. In a world of spectacle laden and repetitive media, they break the mold by keeping it simple: They make books, giving stray stories a home. But they’re not dinosaurs, either. Through digital platforms and tools, they take the old form of book publishing and modernize it, keeping one foot in the past while looking forward. Check out their prints and short story collections at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Joseph Carlough

Joe Carlough runs the zine press Displaced Snail and the DIY cassette label This & That Tapes. Together with their partner, Katie Haegele, they also run a zine library and show space in our living room called the East Falls Zine Reading Room. Check out their zines available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Jess Hrycyk

Jess Hrycyk is an award-winning Southern Ontario based illustrator and artist, cloisters herself in the verdant forests of myth, fantasy, and folklore. Drawing upon the rich soils of old world ornamentation, engraving, and medieval calligraphy, she exhumes an ancient aesthetic to give new life and meaning to her explorations of nature, as well as her understanding of undying, existential themes. Stay tuned for her amazingly detailed illustration and artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Christina L’Eucatastrophe

Christina L’Eucatastrophe is a perzine-printing tragicomedienne who hoards photos, frightens Mark McGrath and her exes alike. Sometimes soft, sometimes harsh, I offer intimate glimpses into relationships, trauma, technology and +. POC.




Solansh Moya (Weirdo Brigade Zine)

Solansh Moya is the creator of Weirdo Brigade Zine and the founder of the ”Meet this Zinester” blog series. They make raw and honest zines depicting their feelings and emotions through various forms of art, mainly through collage art. They love making mini zines! Take a look at their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Cold Strawberries Collective

Cold Strawberries Collective (CSC) is an artists’ web spun by women, trans and (gender)queer creators dedicated to liberation through storytelling. Liberation is, as bell hooks says, freedom from the imperialist, white-supremacist, capitalist patriarchy, and to us liberation also includes freedom from the past, environmental ruin, and isolated experience. They believe storytelling—with or without narrative—connects our communities and allows artists to relate their authentic truths, spinning us all ever closer to our ultimate goal: liberty. Find their alternative magazine (alt mag) that discusses technoculture and politics and other creative work at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Roxane Hudon

Roxane Hudon is a writer of various things and the driving force behind the Ballz Montreal zine since 2009, when it was created for Montreal’s Expozine in a kind of brain-vomit retaliation to the boredom of Canadian media and Journalism school. As well as being a full-time corporate sell-out copywriter, she writes and creates zines, articles and short stories about life, death, travel and movies, while also continuing the legacy of Ballz Montreal with a few like-minded friends who still believe in its mandate of “absurdist topical satire.” Stay tuned for more of their work which will be available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Shannon Wong

Shannon Wong primarily draws portraits of women, but zines are their way to document their life experiences and love of cats and anime. They are very excited to debut two new zines this year “A Little More Kindness” and “Cosplay Cats.” Their content is really wholesome and they hope it can bring you a bit of joy, during these uncertain times. Stay safe and happy shopping. Check them out at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Crow And Moon Press

Built on the principal of “Action & Sincerity”, queer self-publishing house Crow And Moon Press create an array of mysterious handbound zines. The dyad releases their work on a limited-run basis, covering numerous topics: women’s history, magic reclamation, subversiveness, forbidden science, and the human condition. In their free time CAMP enjoy exploring Nature’s encroach on dilapidated structures, and gazing into the cosmic Deep. Take a look at their mini zines and collage zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Mikaela Lucido

Mikaela Lucido (@herlittleswan) was born in Manila, Philippines. She is completing a B.A. (Honours in Creative Writing & Publishing at Sheridan College.) Her poem “Bahala Ka” was published in the inaugural issue of Savant-Garde Literary Magazine along with an interview with Thea Lim. “Bloody Mary and the Smart Mirror,” written by Lucido and illustrated by Jade Zhang, will appear in Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures. She lives in Mississauga, where she writes poetry, creative non-fiction, comics, and subpar tweets. Some of her poetry, non-fiction, graphics, and comics will be available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Brenna Zuest

IllustrateZed is a fine purveyor of quality prints, stickers and zines. Stylistically crafted in a tone of pastel goth, pop-culture, mysticism and the occult. Check out their designs at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Dikla Levinger

Queer, socialist and a playful creature. Originally from Israel, Dikla Levinger moved to Germany 8 years ago. Topics of social work, activism and creative outputs keep them busy in different ways, including making zines about them (aaaand about polyamory and relationship concepts as well). They are also a part of a small team that organizes “Queer Zinefest Berlin“.Check them out at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Rodger Binyone

Rodger Binyone, also known as no-man illustration, is an artist & musician from Philadelphia, PA. Some of their artwork will be available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Zine Fiends

Jill is part of  Zine Fiends, a zine club based in London, Ontario. Their zines are about sharing information on things they find or laughing at things they find funny. Preferably both. Will you find these things interesting and possibly funny? Only one way to find out! Keep an eye out for their work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Shelby Edwards

Shelby Edwards is a queer artist and designer who creates works in a variety of mediums. She is interested in finding humour in human behaviour, making collections, simplifying things, and making projects and ideas approachable. Find her illustrations, infographics, and other artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Siobhan Smith

Siobhan Smith loves Myths, Monsters, Folklore and Memory. Some of her illustrations and comics will be available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

golden collier

Golden Collier is the renegade cupcake behind diasporan savant press, a dream machine elevating print works elevating marginalized members of the African diaspora, including (but by no means limited to) folks in recovery, folks of size, TGNC folks, queer folks, disabled folks, working-class folks, poly folks, children and youth, and elders. Check out their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020! 

Jazz Groden-Gilchrist

Jazz Groden-Gilchrist is a black comic artist, illustrator, and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast from Vancouver, BC. He is definitely not a set of sentient dreadlocks possessing a human body and forcing it to draw comics that use fantastical settings to explore ideas such as imposter syndrome, responsibility in a post-colonial world, and acceptance of saying farewell to loved ones. Check them out at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Reid Urchison

Reid Urchison really wants to know what a book is but they like to make diary comics too. Check out more of Urchison’s stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Lina Wu

Lina Wu works across comics, zines, fine art, and illustration. Find her illustrations, designs, and zines at Virtual Canzine 2020.

John Gosselin

John (JP) Gosselin is a Montreal-based cartoonist making comics and zines about nostalgia and outer space. Stay tuned for some of his comics available at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Sam W Grant

Sam W Grant is an artist/illustrator, from the US, living in Barcelona. They create little comic zines. Find their zines like View Master and Life is a Hologram at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Chamomile Press

Chamomile Press is a Vancouver based mini-press. It started as a onetime self-publishing project in 2019 and slowly grew into collaborative works revolving around recipes, nature and art. Shop their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Rachel Lau

Rachel Lau is an artist, writer, and radio producer based in what’s colonially known as “Vancouver”. Through sound art, photography, and zine-making, they produce work that grapples with ideas and feelings around resistance, longing, transience, death, and decay. In short, they have lots of feelings and they make things. Rachel is also a gay librarian sometimes for Queer Reads Library, a mobile library of books and zines centred around queer narratives based in Hong Kong and Vancouver. Find their zines and other cool stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Carmen Pizarro

Carmen Pizarro is an illustrator based in New York. Their work encompasses vibrant palettes, tough babes, and bold designs along with cult movie references and fashion they’re currently into. They also draw inspiration from the West Coast where they grew up and their Latinx background. Check out their illustrations and comics at Virtual Canzine 2020.

leaf jerlefia

creator. curator. commuter. leaf jerlefia creates handbound artists’ books and collections of poetry inspired by mundane happenings. Paper covers are produced by craftsmen in India, while the binding is done by hand and the poetry is original copyrighted works. Check out her stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020.

Rachel McCormick

Rachel is a maker of comics, lover of women. They create work surrounding chronic illness and neat things that they like. Find their zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

C. Wang

SV王N (Sven or C. Wang) is an artist born and raised in Toronto, Canada. They have a lifelong love for drawing and telling stories through a variety of mediums. Their greatest inspirations come from comics, games, music, and whatever stray thoughts they have while trying to fall asleep. Check out their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Carolina Gonzalez (Witch & Woolly)

Witch & Woolly is an art collective. Together they create all things cute, crafty, and spookerific. Shop their comics at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Amelia Nelson

@BlackGirlMagicTheGathering & Friends. Amelia Nelson makes stuff & so do their friends! They write & make stuff about their life which is generally blerdy. Often they collaborate with others. They miss going places IRL. They mostly make Zines but sometimes they make pins and stickers too! Here is a fancy Bio they use for things that aren’t theur art: Amelia R-N is a Trinidadian-Canadian creator who has worked in marketing, development and production. As a student, her research was specifically based in representations of gender and race in children’s media. Her creative interests extend beyond television as she also creates a series of art zines. Check out their work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Rachel White

Rachel White is a comic-maker/writer/poet/sister/friend. They make comics for fun. Check out more of White’s at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Niki P

Niki P is a quiet watercolour/chocolate/book/cat person. Be on the lookout for their lovely and adorable artworks at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Isabella Cesari

Isabella Cesari is a Toronto-based student, writer, and illustrator. She is interested in depicting both everyday, relatable experiences and the creepy, macabre, or unknown. After years of oscillating wildly between wanting to be a visual artist and wanting to be a writer, she has recently realized she can, in fact, do both. Check out her stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Mariko Uda

Mariko Uda (ecomariko) is an eco-author/artist with a background in science, architecture & engineering. She aims to write informative and delightful picture books to educate, inspire and empower. Her debut book “Where does it all come from? Where does it all go? Toronto’s water, energy & waste systems” help city dwellers of all ages see how they are intimately connected to the environment every day. Take a look at their work, available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Angelina St. Pierre (Andy Starfish)

Angelina St. Pierre’s illustrative themes evolve around Spiritual freedoms from religious dogma, Urban Witchcraft, Death positivity and momento mori, colour exploration, dreamscapes and symbolism, along with a touch of native story crafting. Check out some of their stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Great Worm Express Distro

Great Worm Express is a zine distributor since 1999, looking for the best zines out there and getting them in front of new readers. They specifically focus on good writing in perzine format, though any greatly written zine always gets their attention. Lately, they have also been distributing works in support of the Kurdish freedom struggle. Take a look at some of their zines and books at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Julianne Ess (Foot-to-Face)

Foot-to-Face (Julianne Ess) is a multimedia artist who documents and explores internal apocalypses, the fragility of personal relationships, and the necessity of creative expression for collective growth. Her art takes the form of collages, zines, stop-motion animations, paintings, and films, most often combining magazine cut-outs or painted silhouettes with collage poetry to drive an anti-slice-of-life narrative. She can be found at various fairs and markets selling hand-screen printed guillotine tees, which are also available through her online shop. Originally from Winnipeg, she’s currently based in Toronto. Find her hand-screen printed guillotine tees and zines such as Dialogue with Absence at Virtual Canzine 2020!


¡Hola! SARA is an independent print studio based in Mexico City where they try to provide people with different printing solutions. They love to print, to touch the paper, and smell the inks!
Think of them as more of a press than a publishing house, although that doesn’t mean that they don’t like to publish their own content. What they really like is to experiment with papers, inks and people, so they are continuously searching for interesting propositions in their country. They don’t have a defined editorial line because they are always looking for creative and fascinating propositions from different Mexican artists. Check out their colourful and bright prints at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Whess Harman (grunt)

Whess Harman is Carrier Wit’at, and is currently living and working on the territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh. Having reached a threshold on what they can gain from CBT, they now make perzines and write sad poetry. As a mixed-race, trans/non-binary artist they work to find their way through anxiety and queer melancholy with humour and a carefully mediated cynicism that the public goes hog wild for. Check out their zines and books at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Together Apart Zine

Together Apart Zine is an on-going project supported by grunt gallery and follows the Together Apart, Queer Indigeneities Symposium held in Spring 2019 and has developed into a peer mentorship project consisting of editorial terms headed by and for emerging queer Indigenous artists and writers interested in self-publishing. Find them at Virtual Canzine 2020 in the fall!

Pandy Ma

Pandy Ma is a game designer who’s loves making mail art and finding penpals! Keep an eye out for video game concepts and 2D art at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Eunsoo Jeong (KOREANGRY)

Eunsoo Jeong (KOREANGY) is a comic/zine series based on their daily struggles as a Korean-American. Koreangry is a 7-inch puppet/ doll/ armature/ character that they created, sort of their alter-ego. The Koreangry zine series is an on-going search of their life told with this character––photographed with hand made props in a set they built. Their zines include written excerpts, word-play, poems, comics, crude sketches, and experimental digital collages. Stay tuned for more KOREANGRY at Virtual Canzine 2020!

tina chu

Tina Chu (she/her) is an illustrator and zinemaker who’s academically trained as a linguist + cultural theorist. Her love for word and image was sparked by the language textbooks she grew up with in Taiwan. Tina makes zines under the name, madcrush, and what she loves to make are silly comics, a bonus if they’re also informative! Find their illustrations and zines like do you have a cervix? at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Sonali Menezes

Sonali Menezes is an interdisciplinary artist currently based on Hamilton, ON. They make and distro zines through Glittering Magpiee – their baby-sized business/distro. Their zines cover many topics. They have a couple of self-help zines centered on mental health. Three list zines which are simply handwritten lists. One chapbook zine that won best litzine at the 2018 Broken Pencil Magazine Zine Awards. And a few zines that are a combination of collage, drawing, and writing. Their work always considers gender, capitalism and race. Keep an eye out for their prints and other art at Virtual Canzine 2020!

E C Staniforth

E.C Staniforth is a former troubled youth turned mother, creator, social worker, and zinester. They started Tumultuous Times in 2017 as a way to explore, express, and share their life experiences through writing. Check our their zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Jason Rodway Comics

Jason Rodway is a digital Comic Artist based in Toronto who’s methodology revolves around digital comic creation. You might’ve seen them on the TTC with their head down getting detached from the world around them. People enjoy non-fiction comics that they try to supply but their passion is in action comics with a dash of realism to keep the whole thing grounded.
Comic pages are written, pencilled, inked, coloured, lettered and edited single handedly entirely by computer and sheer willpower.
Find their illustrations and comics over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Seema Shah

Seema Shah is a Vancouver-based writer & visual artist with a penchant for collage. Creatures of all sorts often show up in my work. Take a look at their collages and mixed media at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Deep Madder

Deep Madder is the umbrella name for a series of zines collecting all manner of confessional ramblings from the same two introspectively-inclined, socially-irrelevant writers/editors. Founded in 2009 with Deep Madder Monthly—a zine of loneliness and romantic despair—the Deep Madder catalog has grown to encompass a series of literary, poetry, and comic zines with differing themes but unified intent: articulating social incongruence and existential dread while providing comfort through vulnerability. Keep an eye out for the zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Agnes Salek

Agnes Salek is a storyboard artist living and working in Toronto. In their free time, they create illustrations and autobiographical comics. Check out their digital illustrations and comics over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Bryce Jones (BR*ON)

BR*ON is a resident artist at Pulptoons, a small multimedia production house and caricature company. His decolonial zines and videography centre around celtic resurgence, decolonialism & ytness. Pulptoons cartoon portraits have centred around bodypositivity and the #beyourbestself #bringyourbestself campaigns, their current canzine selection are portraits of two prophetic black intellectuals of the 20th century. Allies support Redistribution:  30% of all BR*ON zine sales go to – Guelph Black Heritage Centre + BLMTO.  80% of Pulptoons Portrait sales go to – Guelph Black Heritage Centre + BLMTO. They will post the donation receipt on instagram the following week. Black lives matter here. Check out their artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

GB Pooky

Pooky is a Toronto based ZINIST who makes JOKES and PUZZLES. Keep an eye out for their amazing illustrations over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Eva Dominelli

Eva Dominelli is an illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. They make art zines that draw from their life and observations. They love vintage picture books, cinema, and learning about the amazing things other people have created and accomplished throughout history. Find her illustrations, books, and zines like Things Men Say To Me At Work, available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Christine Su

Christine Su is an illustrator and writer. In their early twenties, they taught English in Japan for 2 years. In comic essay format, the following is what they’ve learned. Find her illustrations and paper cuts over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Natalie Mark

Natalie Mark 麥月明 (they/them) is an illustrator from Winnipeg! They make zines about their feelings, about growing up, and dreamy stories about belonging. That which they feel love for! All orders are getting a little surprise! You don’t want to miss out on their illustrations and zines like Before You Go, available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Stance Ravening

Stance Ravening (they/he) is a queer trans artist who makes ziNeS about gender/feelings/comix and yells over themselves playing drums :-0 .They’re also learning to tattoo. Check out some of their zines, available at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Becca Soft

Becca Soft (they/she) is a white settler who lives on the stolen and unceded territories of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, Səl̓ílwətaʔ, and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm peoples (otherwise known as so-called “Vancouver, BC”). She is a dreamy, androgynous non-binary woman who creates art through various mediums including poetry writing and dance. They also work to integrate theories of critical thought into their writing, such as exploring themes belonging to decolonization and anti-capitalism. Mx. B. Soft is a CPSTD survivor of domestic and childhood abuse and uses their voice to bring awareness to trauma informed practices within her community. Soft is certified in mindfulness & self-compassion exercises, and many of her works of writing focus on healing the inner child of the adult through kinaesthetic play in natural environments, such as life-affirming bodies of water (a favourite of theirs being the ocean). Becca’s goal with “The Fluidity Healing Project” is to give readers permission to explore their inner compassionate self and to reach those living with CPTSD, guiding them to reclaim their power and autonomy as adults. She creates art for the healing, gently guiding readers to find a home inside themselves they couldn’t have ever imagined they’d find a lifetime of peace in. Find their zines and chapbooks over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Jess Driscoll

Jess Driscoll is a teacher/baker/zinester, depending on the season. Their first blog lived at Blogspot in 2002, and they’ve been writing in public ever since. The best words, they turn into zines. Check out more of Driscoll’s stuff at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Smashing Press

Smashing Press is the collaborative self-publishing project of Nif & Anthony Hodgson. Anthony writes and illustrates short stories. Nif prints and binds books. Working in Los Angeles, Smashing Press uses antique and modern tools to explore unique and limited-edition formats to tell not-so-usual narratives.


Moses Cirulis

Moses Cirulis is a tomboy-ish creator of science fantasy adventure comics and some Metamodern philosophical comicks. They’re not afraid to discuss political topics but they like to keep it light. Check out their comics and storyboards over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Andrew Perucho

Layered Butter is an independent Canadian magazine about the movies. Check them out over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Georgianne Griffiths

Recently, Georgianne Griffiths has been creating a series of stories about adult sexual assault and the criminal justice system. One is a celebration of Andrea Constand’s fight for justice against Bill Cosby, another examines the long road to reform in New Zealand’s justice system response to survivors. They also create environmental stories, celebrating the wonder of it, examining threats to it…Check out their stuff over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Vert Partout

Vert Partout (They/He) is based in Montreal / Tio’tia:ke.
They like to think that they write the queer queb poetry that they would have wanted to read. The zines are in French (except Suspicious Looking Plants, which is only images) and are mostly text-based, but they also make illustrations.  Je m’appelle Vert (il/iel) et je suis basé à Montréal / Tio’tia:ke J’aime ça croire que j’écris la poésie queer queb que j’aurais aimé lire. C’est parfois trash, parfois intime, parfois théorique. Je fais aussi des illustrations, mais le focus des zines est plutôt sur le texte. Ils sont en français (à l’exception de Suspicious Looking Plants, qui ne contient que des images). Check out Partout’s zines this fall over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Carmen Bright (Brightside Doodles)

Carmen Bright is a comic artist, illustrator and designer who takes in everyday life and filters it through a caffein-addicted, anxiety and closet depressed lens and finds the bright moments in between. Relatively relatable and hopefully humourous. Find more of their cute and somewhat humourous goods over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Paper Innards (Sarah Thompson)

Started by Sarah Thompson, Paper Innards is a distro interested in the sacred mundane. Find their cards, prints, and zines like My Friends Draw Me Naked, over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Milo Applejohn

Author, illustrator, smarmy rogue. Milo Applejohn creates zines and publications such as Nothing Gold, Curious Compounds, and Bettie’s Pocket Porno. Find more of their zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Zoë Finkelstein

Zoë Finkelstein is a visual artist based in St. Louis, MO who works in a variety of media including printmaking, drawing, painting, soft sculpture, installation art, and collage, the last of which is her preferred zine-making medium. Her work is largely autobiographical and considers themes of memory, trauma, anxiety, comfort, home, and mental health. Discover more of their books and zines over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Megan Sebesta

Hi there! I’m Megan (they/she), a freelance illustrator and designer based in Mississauga, Ontario. In my work, I love to explore topics close to my heart such as mental health, the environment, and social justice. While most of my illustration work is done digitally, I also enjoy working with textiles such as crochet, embroidery, and sewing as well as printmaking. Kumo Mori is a personal project that is inspired by my love of plants, animals, and cute or pretty things, sometimes contrasted against the gloomy or not so pretty parts of life. It’s a place I can create things that soothe my soul and an outlet for my passions and interests. Find their illustrations and other artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Jenn Woodall

Jenn Woodall is an award-winning illustrator and comics creator who dwells in Toronto, Ontario. She has a Bachelor of Design from OCADU in Illustration as well as a BDes in Fashion Design. She self-publishes her own comics and also has her work distributed and published through Silver Sprocket, based in San Francisco. She is also a member of the Friendship Edition Collective, a group comprised of Canadian artists and cartoonists. Check out her illustrations and comics like Magical Beatdown Volume 1.5 at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Popnoir Editions (4PANEL)

Based in Canada, Popnoir Editions (est. 2016) publishes art books, comics, zines and other creative ephemera; the press is owned and operated by editor/designer Mark Laliberte, who also curates The 4PANEL Project, an experimental comic strip community! Check out their books and other creative work at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Ruby Llanillos

Ruby Llanillos is a gender-free brat/princess who makes zines & mixed media. Ruby’s work is filled with angry trans femme rhetoric, race issues, playlists, & sad grrrl emo tirades. Check out their zines like Grrrlfag dramazine: the love, sex, and faith issue over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Kirsten Hatfield

Kirsten Hatfield is a multidisciplinary artist, educator and curator whose colourful work often delves into abstraction and psychedelia, dealing with themes such as nostalgia, disability rights, mental health, and grief. Find more of their work and zines like Dragtionary over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Derek Reynolds

Derek Reynolds makes cute queer comics & zines. Their main series, My Ghost Husband and is a comedic collection of 13 short comics about a humorous gay couple. Right now they mostly do 8 page folded zine format, and they sometimes hand-bind those into adorable little books. They’re also planning to launch a collaborative queer zine project in the near future, you can follow them on Instagram to stay updated on that. They’re also a designer. Discover their comics and zines like My Ghost Husband – Volume 1 and Addicted Zine at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Rabeea Syed

Rabeea Syed is a designer and zinester! They create works about their experiences as a Pakistani Muslim woman living in Canada and they also facilitate zine making workshops largely focusing on marginalized communities. Check out more of Rabeea Syed over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

julie fournier

Julie Fournier is a marginal artist person in Montreal working primarily in collage. Check out more of their artwork this fall at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

Mama.Max is the creative work of mother and son team Lisa and Max Pijuan-Nomura. Both of them create zines on various subjects and have been attending zine fairs since Max was 6. Max creates quirky zines about things that he imagines, people he likes and art that he creates. He will be selling his popular Max’s Book of Awesome, Drawing Is Fun, and his latest zine that he is creating with his mom called The People Project, Max Edition. Lisa is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Hamilton. Her zines are about collages, cancer treatments, and creativity. This year she will be offering Collagio, her zine about collage, how to create them together with random thoughts about life during crazy times. This year Mama.Max are working on a collaboration called The People Project which combines Max’s portraits together with stories and quotes from Lisa. Find more of their artwork at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Lana C. Marilyn

Lana C. Marilyn is an interdisciplinary literary artist and writer of Afro-Caribbean descent from Brooklyn, NY. Her practice includes zinemaking, collage, audio, and performance to present storytelling as a sensual, social, and immersive experience. GLXTCH is a zine series covering relationships, existentialism, sexuality, identity and internet culture through collage art, poetry, and essays. There are currently five issues. Check out some of Lana’s incredible creative work over at Virtual Canzine 2020!

Kate Hinshaw (Analog Cookbook)

Analog Cookbook is a biannual film journal and space for celluloid artists to be fearlessly weird, artistic, and relentless in the pursuit of visual storytelling. It was created to celebrate artists who work with analog media while providing practical knowledge of celluloid filmmaking. Shop their cookbooks and zines at Virtual Canzine 2020!

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