Look Out! It’s Juror Number Four in the 2022 Zine Awards!

Fair to assume we all love zines here? I mean, what’s not to love. But there comes a time when you have to take a step beyond love. To submerge yourself into zines. A lake of them. And reemerge, like the Lady of the Lake with Excalibur, clenched in your fist the mightiest zine of them all. We may not be able to promise swords and sorcery (we’ll try) we can assure you that Broken Pencil’s 2022 Zine Awards will be the fiercest, most exciting competition yet!

Running since 2017, these awards have been celebrating the best of zines, across all genres, subjects and paper stock. From comics to fanzines, to poetry, to politics. Every zine is in consideration for this uncanny honour. So who will be deciding which zine takes the top spot? So far we’ve announced three esteemed members of our jury: Ana Valens, Bre Upton and Anshuman Iddamsetty.

And who’s next? Why none other than Mary Houlihan!

Mary Houlihan is a comedian, artist, and writer. Her paintings are prominently featured on Joe Pera Talks With You, and she is currently writing a book about moving from the big city to a cabin in the woods. Her zine, Mary Houlihan’s Li’l Zine, is mailed out every month to readers all over the world through her Patreon. She lives with her dog Happy in a log cabin.

Want to get your zine in the running? There’s still time! We are accepting zines by mail or electronically until July 30th. For more details visit our submission page! Expect more exciting announcements regarding this year’s Zine Awards soon!