Meg Dearlove opens up discussions of empowerment and body positivity in ‘Cindy & Mindy’

Cindy & Mindy

Comic, Meg Dearlove, 12 pgs, Vide Press,, $5.50

It’s not everyday one sees a discussion of empowerment and body positivity depicted by jams, jellies, and other kinds of spreads. But the time is nigh, and Cindy & Mindy steps up to the challenge to break down those walls one taste at a time.

This is how I interpret this brisk little commentary, at least. This could’ve just as easily been a piece of street art or a decal, as it’s small and short. Two single-portion jam packets get all up in each other’s grills in a series of sassy exchanges. It’s quite silly, but in a good way. One ponders the motivations of creator Meg Dearlove to commit what we see here to the copier. I think there’s some depth and message here, perhaps worth lingering over in zine form. I like that we can pick it apart in hard copy rather than experiencing it as a fleeting moment, ultimately lost to the cache bin of time. Also, zines with rhyming titles are generally cooler.