Renegade Craft Season

By Grace Evans

It’s craft season again across the U.S as the summer Renegade Craft Fair winds its way through the States.

Started in Chicago in 2003, The Renegade Craft Fair was established to create a new community for emerging artists. Each year the fair has grown in size, adding more vendors and new cities to the already sweet lineup. Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin (and for the first time this fall, London, England) all play host to the event one or twice a year, from sunshiney outdoor fairs during the summer to cozy indoor holiday marketplaces in the fall.

The focus of Renegade is on DIY and indie-craft culture, and the vendors from each event are care

fully selected to include a wide variety of artists and products, such as paper goods, housewares, jewelry, accessories, clothing, comics, collectibles and artwork. What is especially cool about the fair is that they ensure that the artists come from a DIY background and create innovative work with traditional craft methods, instead of using pre-made patterns or products.

Still to come this summer: the 7th Annual Brooklyn Fair will be held on June 11 + 12 at McCarren Park; the 4th Annual San Francisco Fair will take place July 9 + 10 at the Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion and July 16 +

17 the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Fair will be happening at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

June 3, 2011