‘Revenge of the Asian Woman’ is a bawdy, sexy, and deliciously sensual portrait of a woman taking back her power














Revenge of the Asian Woman

Dorothy Chan, 104 pgs, Diode Editions, diodeeditions.com, $18.

Dorothy Chan’s poetry is a sensual explosion of food, sex and politics. It’s less a book of poetry and more an endless buffet of extravagant wordplay and enticing poetic combinations. In Revenge of the Asian Woman, her second full-length poetry collection, Chan whisks you into a chaotic world of beauty, seduction, and fine (and not-so-fine) dining.

Celebrating everything from glimmering dishes of caviar to late-night McDonald’s that arrives just at the stroke of midnight, Chan has an equally refined palette and politic.

The book does not shy away from the messy parts of sex and love. Instead, Chan dives in with eyes open praising the “kinderwhore” fashion that lives in a world of twisted nostalgia and summarily dismissing with boredom and disgust the white boys who think Asian food is just dumplings and potstickers. She is sexy, tender, and always honest, writing in one breath: “I wonder how food and love go hand in hand,” and another, “feed me, sprinkle me — scoop up that whipped cream.” Revenge of the Asian Woman is a bawdy, sexy, and deliciously sensual portrait of a woman not just taking back her power but feasting on it.