Spring Canzine 2021 Programming

Spring Canzine 2021 Programming

Comic and art lovers can visit TCAF 2021 online any time between May 8-15, 2021, to peruse and shop hundreds of exhibitors’ amazing works, sit in on classic Q&As, workshops, talks, and so much more! 

Scroll down below to check out the Spring Canzine programming:

❤️ Indie Book Readings & Author Panel

We kick things off with a Q&A with Chris, Divya, and Savanna. And boy, do we get candid: we talked about how the pandemic affected our creativity from March 2020 to now – how to deal with the “guilt” of not being creative, how one successfully pitches a magazine, how to deal with feeling discouraged when pieces are rejected, and so much more.

Next up are some readings by our amazing authors! All three have appeared in Broken Pencil before, and share work from upcoming projects. Read more about the authors below.

Chris Gilmore

Chris Gilmore has published stories, essays, and reviews in several periodicals, including The New Quarterly, Matrix, and The Puritan. He has a Master’s in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Toronto and was recently nominated for the Journey Prize. He lives and works in Toronto. Nobodies is now available in bookstores and online.

Divya Mehrish

Divya Mehrish is a writer and student at Stanford University. Her work has been published in or is forthcoming in Coastal Shelf, Prairie Margins, PANK, Ricochet Review, Blue Marble Review, Polyphony Lit, Tulane Review, Amtrak’s magazine, and The National, among others.

Savanna Scott Leslie

Savanna Scott Leslie is a professional editor based in BC. She is working on a novel and a book of poetry.

❤️ How do we talk about hate zines? In conversation with Dr. Amanda Rogers

Autonomous, accessible, and decentralized, zines have to power to be important tools in the fight for social justice. But as the increasingly political zines burgeoned across North America and the UK in the 80s and 90s, skinheads and far-right nationalists were also pushing photocopied propaganda with focus and fervor. In this event, Broken Pencil editor Jonathan Valelly will be discussing the often ignored legacy of “skinzines” and neo-Nazi self-publishing with globally renowned propaganda scholar and expert on white supremacist movements, Dr. Amanda Rogers as well as with an ex-skinhead punk who witnessed the movement first hand.

Broken Pencil Editor Jonathan Valelly

More on Instagram @dutchlanvin

Dr. Amanda Rogers

Find her Twitter @MsEntropy

❤️ Speed Zine Readings

Canzine vendors give one-minute readings from their amazing works.

More info coming soon!