Stories from the Deathmatch that Will Mess Up Your Head

Over the past decade, Deathmatch writers have brought a new level of weird to the world of writing! Unicorns, PBS documentarians, rogue human organs, fur coats, Instagram stalkers, space traveling kittens, cockroach weddings and so much more! Here are some stories that have messed with our heads!


Tiny Girls by Sofi Papamarko

Tiny Girls is a story that makes you feel touched in a bad way. This tale of below-the-age-of-consent love is so carefully crafted that the neighbourhood threat comes across like a sweetheart.

Three Dudes, Some Drugs and a Bear by Jordan Abel

This early work by Griffin Poetry Prize winner Jordan Abel features talking animals, other worlds, gunfire and missing fingers.

Sick to Death of Stories by P.D. Walter

The hardscrabble heroine of the 2017 Deathmatch winning story has a choice to make.

Christmas in the Walls by Jacob Wilde

Christmas in the Walls is a completely different type of sexed-up tale. Unicorns are infesting a house and using matchsticks as dildos. Move aside ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – we’ve found our new yuletide standard.

Failure to Cooperate by Susan Read

She arrives at late to her job at Tarsucks Inc. Let’s just leave it at that.

The Jamaican Nanny by Matthew Fargo

Everyone needs to be taken care of. This bizarre take on the nanny tale goes down like a spoon full of sugar.

Moulting by Madeeha Hashmi

Moulting was last year’s Deathmatch winner. It’s a love story. But there was a lot of debate over whether this was about romance or friendship. We do know that two girls become obsessed with each other until they start to tangle. Whatever it is it’s a dark side of love.

Jean Claude Van Damsel in Distress by Ryan Power

JCVDD was the runner-up. It’s a crazy story involving ninjas and cowboys and aliens and witches. Ryan basically threw all his favourite daydreams into a story and weaved it into some postmodern challenge on narrative structure. We love him for it.

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