The 2022 Broken Pencil Zine Awards Nominees

After careful consideration from our panel of judges, the nominees for the 2022 Broken Pencil Zine Awards are finally here! Below are this year’s finalists for Best Artzine, Comic, Fanzine, Infozine, Perzine, Collab, Litzine and Political Zine, the crème de la crème of an especially talented crème.

Congratulations to our Broken Pencil Zine Awards 2022 finalists! We here at BP want to send a huge thank you to every zinester who submitted their work for the Zine Awards. It is your enthusiasm, drive, and artistry that make the BP community rewarding and special.

Our jurors are hard at work making their final decisions on which will take the top prize in each category, plus the coveted Zine of the Year spot. The winners will be announced at our ceremony in Toronto on November 24th, which will be free to attend and stream online (more information below). But without further ado, here are your 2022 Broken Pencil Zine Awards nominees!

Best Artzine

– mapping elsewhere by Mariana Muñoz Gomez
– Future Fantasteek by Jac Batey
– Round Trip by Theo
– Triangles by Brian Mallace
– Referent 2 by Jasmine Gui & Abby Ho

Best Comic Zine

– Make-Believe & Wannabe by Melanie L. Yan
– The Hunt Begins by Shannon Spence
– Basil by Bridget
– Coby Alone by becca kubrick
– Summer Showers by Doze Alvarez

Best Fanzine

– Dolly Pardon by Liz Yerby
– At the Con by Sammy Spilak
– House Plants in Horror Films by Paul Cooke
– The Same Rainbow’s End by Emmanuelle Princesse Chateauneuf
– GERARD TWEETS  by Merlin Sabal

Best Groups Zine / Collab

– Youth in Revolt by Rookies with Friends
– Sitting on Chrome by Jacqueline Valenzuela
– Delightful Garden by Miles Davitt
– Tidelines: EARTH TALK by Julia Warner
– ELFLAND: A ZINE by Lena Warnke & Martha Schnee

Best Infozine/DIY

– Depression Cooking: easy recipes for when you’re depressed as fuck by Sonali Menezes
– SoundZine Zine: Issue 2 by Jenn Andrade
– Food Heritage Revolution by M/Turnpike
– What I Wish I Knew About the Pelvic Floor by Amy Wanner Jeansonne
– Calepino by Enza Apa

Best Litzine

– Cosmic Phallusy 1: The Pilot by Benjo Kazue
– Frightmarish Zine by Mary Rajotte
– I Know My Own Heart by Deanna Armenti
– Hide and Seek by Shelley Wallace
– Harm Done by Michelle Wirth & Austin Brady

Best Perzine

– The Love of My Life Doesn’t Use Dating Apps by Cleopatria
– The Bed Knife tm and Other Tales of Abnormal Psychosis by Jennifer Copping
– Ode to my Blackness by Kandace Coston
– Magnetic by Astrid Robertson
– Youth and Her Catharsis by Amelie Repko

Best Political Zine

– The Cost of Heaven by Adrean Clark
– puri [풀이] zine issue #1 Fascist Flag by Roger Kim
– Notas sobre un recorrido / Notes on a Tour: the El Paso Processing Centre by Gabriela Galíndez and published by Lois Klassen
– Leftist Leaflets in Little Libraries IV by Peter Miles Bergman, Heather Link-Bergman
– An Illustrated Struggle for Housing from Canada to the Philippines by Julie Guevara

Celebrate these extraordinary nominees at the Broken Pencil Zine Awards Bash! Join the BP team at Dundas Video (381 Dundas St W) on November 24, 2022 for good zines and good times. Winners will be revealed during the ceremony. Can’t make it? No problem! The bash will be livestreamed and recorded to enjoy on your own time from our Twitch page. This event is FREE and welcome to all. See you there!

November 24, 2022
Dundas Video (831 Dundas St W, Toronto)
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM