‘The Brothers Smash’ is playful take on all things Super Smash Bros

The Brothers Smash

Minicomic, Gee, shutteye.com

Gee’s minicomic — much like the game that inspired it— is a pile of fun! It’s a gorgeous little zine printed on a nice textured stock, printed in a colour between purple and red. The cover is filled with various characters from the legendary Nintendo franchise Super Smash Bros., rendered in playful cartooning. It’s an incredibly relatable zine in a way — as in, I’m currently debating purchasing a Switch, something Gee and their partner did themselves. They valiantly quit (or more accurately paused) their vices so they can purchase the latest and greatest in mobile console gaming. Maybe you’re considering the same?

Following that comic, Gee has a random assortment of Smash Bros. related content. They predict potential characters, give a few cheats that I hope to use when I get my own Switch, and have a fun quiz to help you pick your main. The Smash community is full of intense fans but this zine is a wonderful glimpse of the fun aspects of fandom. Fun drawings, jokes, and more that makes for a quick, entertaining read.