The Foolproof Guide to Registering for Canzine 2019

Canzine registration for Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver opens Monday, July 15th at 10am EST!

Did you know? Folks who are previously existing members of the BP Zine League can register earlier than that – check your emails from BP to find out how or email [email protected]

Listen, we know securing a table at Canzine (especially Canzine Toronto) has historically been… well, a bit chaotic. Bandwidth troubles, new payment systems, even time zone mix-ups have thwarted many a table booking. But have hope! We promise we are doing our best to ensure it goes as smooooothly as possible this year. As part of that, we put together a step-by-step guide to registering for Canzine!

IMPORTANT step 1a for BP subscribers/2018 Canzine tablers: If you are already a BP subscriber (which you are if you registered for Canzine 2018) then you must LOGIN before you register. To do so, you need to know your username and password. If you’re a repeat Canzine exhibitor or a subscriber to BP, you should have username and password, which you can reset. So start by logging into the site after you click on your registration city. You might want to make sure you know your password and login in advance. If you don’t know your password or username, you can click on “Forgot password” when you got to register and reset either password or username using whatever email address you used to subscribe to BP or register for last year’s Canzine.

1. Go to the registration page for your city

There is a registration page for each festival city, and the registration forms will go live for the public at 10am EST on July 15. Here they are!!!

You can also reach these pages from

1) Go to, click the image link to your city’s fest, and then click Register for Canzine [City Name]

2) Or, scroll down on the Canzine home page, click the Register For Canzine box, and click the link for your city’s registration page.

2. Select the table package that is right for you

There are three registration options to choose from. Here’s what they are, and what you get:

Table Registration for Zine Makers • $24.95

The classic table spot for zine creators. You get the standard half table (3ft x 2.5ft) plus a full year subscription to Broken Pencil and full access to our online resources.

Table Registration for Zines – Premium With Zine League • $10.95 every 2 months (recurring)

You’ll get the standard half table (3ft x 2.5ft) and BP subscription, but taking the Premium option also makes you an official member of the Broken Pencil Zine League! Membership in our zine-loving community includes advance registration for future Canzines, fun stickers, a Zine League notebook, a t-shirt, and other swag to show you ride hard for the stapler set.

Table Registration for Micropresses and Indie Magazines • $79.95 – $99.95 (varies)

Canzine’s focus is — duh — zines! But we do offer some spaces for independent publishing and indie magazines for a slightly higher price. This option is for projects that sell more books than zines, but still release fewer than 7 books yearly as well as indie magazines with issue circulation below 800. We also suggest this option if your project has received government grants, you sell publications items priced $20 or above, or you are like, pretty legit in some way or registered as a non-profit or corporation.

When you’ve sorted out which one is for you, click the Subscribe button.

3. Fill in your details

It’s a form, of course! It will ask for stuff like your name, email address, a username for your Broken Pencil account, and more. If you’ve already subscribed to BP or registered for Canzine, this will probably auto-fill. A few notes on the fields:

Names: Use whatever name you would like us to refer to you by — we don’t require government names, nor for the registration name to match the payment information. The system does require both a first and last name be provided.

Publication/Project Name & Project URL: The name put here will show up on our public exhibitors list. Whatever you’d put on a sign at your table to identify your name, collective, pseudonym, artist name, distro, serial title, you get the idea! This link  URL you put in the following field

Address: This is where your magazine subscription will be sent. If you’re not sure or if it changes down the line, we’re happy to update your information.

4. Pay and Get Confirmation

Put in your credit card info for payment and push on that Subscribe button! Once you have registered your table, you will receive a confirmation in your email. That should come pretty quickly after you register. If you don’t get it in after an hour, then check junk and spam folders. If you still haven’t found it, email [email protected] with a request to confirm your registration.

5. That’s it! Get ready for Canzine!

You’re done, and you’re in! Canzine is first come first serve, so there’s no waiting on a juried acceptance or the dreaded rejection letter here. The confirmation letters often only reach first-timers, but if you see your payment go through and/or get a payment receipt, rest assured you’re spot is saved. If you’re feeling uncertain, feel free to email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We’ll send out load-in details to all vendors about a week before the big day. Note that if you’ve unsubscribed from any Canzine or Broken Pencil newsletters in the past, this information may not reach you.

Now get to making those zines and tell your friends that you’ll be at Canzine! Share the beautiful poster by Jesse deNobrega and get stoked on all things self-publishing. We’re excited to have ya.


While we do our best to squeeze in as many exhibitors as possible, we do fill up. If we have reached our limit of registrations, folks who still want a table can sign up for our waitlist. Cancellations and capacity changes do happen, and we are often able to offer a handful of waitlist tables. When registration reaches capacity at any of the festivals, we’ll release a simple waitlist form that people can fill out. If spaces become available, we’ll reach to folks on the waitlist in order of when they filled out the form.