Up your zine game with… The Zine Game!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could zine harder.” Like, making zines just isn’t enough anymore. I need more. More! Well, good zinester, you are not alone.

Prolific zinester Billy McCall has created the Zine Game, a card game where 2-4 players try to build the best zine.

“We’ve been playing our own homemade version for 10 years, so it’s awesome to have a real version,” McCall writes on his Etsy, where the game is available for purchase. The 2019 Winner of the BP Zine Awards used to photocopy the game and cut the cards by hand. But now, it’s a whole different story — factory-made, shrink-wrapped, with 87 shiny coloured cards and everything!

Players compete by trying to build a zine for points. “You start with an Idea Card,” McCall explains, “then add Content, use Supplies, etc. Good cards, like ‘Personal Story’ will give you points, but there are also bad cards, like ‘Sexist Story’ or ‘Dull Scissors’ that you play on your opponents to make their zines worse.”

Sounds like some wholesome, family fun to me.