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Fag Punk

Erotica zine, issue 13, PO Box 183 Guelph ON, N1H 6J6 or [email protected], 2$


fag punkThe hot weather is here to stay, and it’s time for some summer flings! What better way to get in the mood for your next date night than by reading some steamy erotica?

I’ve always been a fan of erotic publications – does anyone else remember that sexy compilation zine that was edited in Montréal in the late 2000s? Much the same, Fag Punk is a collection of sexy stories, poems and pictures. Fag Punk‘s Issue 13 features tales of gay sex, as well as an advice column by Ben Huslin.

Although I am not a queer boy, I quite enjoyed the stories of lust amongst teenage boys, late night hook-ups and a new chapter of “Buster’s New Boy”: a series on gay skinheads. Fag Punk is beautifully laid out in black and white, with pictures that compliment the stories. My only complaint would be that the aforementioned photos are pretty tame – I enjoy slightly riskier imagery in erotic zines. Fag Punk relies on submitted content, so perhaps the editor(s) are just waiting on you to send in some hot pics for their next issue… I look forward to it! Up the queer punks. (Maxime Brunet)

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