This is a zine about vaginas. Part smut, part instruction manual and part cautionary tale, this collectively made zine doesn’t take itself too seriously. Highlights include ‘Never Nair Down There,’ a piece that will leave you wincing at the thought of chemical hair removal, and ‘Bush Control,’ which gives suggestions for new names people can use for vagina that are less overtly gendered. While the subjects covered here are useful and it’s nice to see people sidestepping the usual earnestness in zines that take up the topic of vaginas, I feel like I’ve already seen the info here covered more thoroughly by other people. If you’ve got a wealth of vag-related zines already, you probably don’t need to add this one to your collection; but as an introduction to health and body image related writing, 1234V might pique new readers’ interest to explore what else is out there. (Sarah Pinder)

Zine, [email protected], 1234v.ca