A blog post meets a diary in ‘ROHO #2’


Perzine, Sgt. Hulka, 6 pgs

The next ROHO zine starts off like a diary entry and ends like a comic, and I enjoyed every minute with it.

In ROHO #2, author Sgt. Hulka reflects on having their prized bicycle stolen right after joining “an unfortunately titled competition called ‘The Lakewood Corona Mega Doo Doo Bike Ride Challenge.’”

Set in the months before the COVID-19 pandemic, Hulka reveals that the bike theft was a life changer, and not in a good way, resulting in them quitting riding for a while.

“Even though I own a ton of crap, I don’t think of myself as very materialistic. Everything is ephemeral, etc, but losing that bike stung. In hindsight, it was my most prized possession. At first I thought one of my bar hopping friends took it for a joy ride,” writes Hulka.

The best way I can describe this zine is like a blog post meets a diary entry meets a comic. It’s short, sweet, and pocket-sized. It wins at the oft-awkward, one-sheet, fold-up zine format. The entire zine can fit into the palm of your hand and actually opens up into an 8×11 piece of paper that reveals a map of the City of Lakewood, where Hulka’s adventure takes place.