Cracks in the Concrete

Anarchy is alive and well in Luke Romano’s mind, and this thick booklet is a substantial testament to that fact. Cracks in the Concrete is, no doubt, a fairly radical affair, although it is more pensive and analytical than many similar anarcho-zines. What to expect? Among this volume’s finer accomplishments are an email interview with Propagandhi, a hearty letters section and a segment lovingly entitled “Atheist’s Corner” (not a militant tirade on organized religion, but instead a critical look at Islamic fundamentalism). At its least inspired, Cracks in the Concrete labours on with a rant on the education system (remember how pissed you were in grade 10?) and a lazy collection of Bill Hicks quotes. But the sum total of all this anarchy is a thoughtful work which succeeds when the author exerts himself intellectually and fails when it excerpts from too many already-published articles. Even though I’m not about to commit my life to the cause, I can appreciate CitC. (Michael Tau)

Zine, Luke Romano, [email protected], PO Box 2748, Tucson AZ 85702, USA