‘Dear Clickhole’ zine is pretty dumb in the best way

Dear Clickhole

Zine, Rachel McCormick, 20 pgs, IG: @ayoitsrachelo

Like a cross between The Beaverton and back issues of Frank Magazine published between 1989 and 2004, Dear Clickhole is a hard copy of screenshots modelled after the kind of silly stuff you generally see floating around on social media. Part parody and part pure absurdity, the zine visits a few corners of modern culture. Here’s one example: hacks of popular favourites at McDonald’s. This article is super cool for people who like eating food off the floor, and have generally chaotic dining preferences. It’s pretty dumb in the best ways. Another example for more seasoned (read: older) readers: Dear Clickhole proposes five future plotlines for (I guess) a reboot of The Littlest Hobo. Most of these are pretty graphic. This includes the pooch biting people and generally kicking ass, plus running for office and other bizarre activities. This goes far beyond the typical “stray dog as good Samaritan” plot lines that Canadian know and love to loathe. Somehow, these updated story arches don’t seem that far-fetched (pun intended). So yeah, this whole zine is quite ridiculous and is brimming with wacky content. If the motivation was to make people laugh or draw a smirk, it’s a success.



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