Drippytown’s the place to go for occasionally foul, always funny comics. Like any town, you’ve got your middle class – represented by Nihilbert. Nihilbert, the work of Ted Dave, looks like a certain inexplicably popular office drone, wears a skull and cross bones t-shirt and says things like “I don’t feel so good. I can’t tell if I’m hung over or still high.” Of course you’ve got poverty – as brought to us by the insultingly hilarious “Homeless Love” strip, which concludes: “Most of us hate the homeless, but that shouldn’t stop them from falling in love.” Finally, the criminal element is well represented courtesy of Kancer Kid, a skeleton in a t-shirt who, when threatened with a needle, says: “If that dirty needle isn’t full of drugs, I’m going to be VERY upset.” Yep, Drippytown. It’s the place to be. (Hal Niedzviecki)

comic, #2001, Julian Lawrence, $5, PO Box 78069, 2606 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5N 5W1


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