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‘Fake Bands’ zine takes to the next level

Fake Bands
Zine, Isabella Laird, 14 pgs,

Fake Bands_Page_09

Hit “Generate” enough times at and you’ll eventually get a usable band name: Wonderless Drunk, Screeching Deacon, Perverted Turnip of The Spun Maiden. (Why aren’t these taken?) Vancouver’s Isabella Laird took a more thoughtful approach to the exercise. Fake Bands provides invented biographies for five fictitious groups — one per decade from the 1970s to the present. The Queen’s Succubus (a 2010s heavy metal outfit) draws inspiration “from women and magical creatures in European folklore.” Shrub & Bush (a 1970s folk band) exclusively writes songs about plants and fungi. Each bio is accompanied by a related illustration or logo, and while the band histories are typically clever and amusing, it’s the artwork that stands out here. Laird should consider a career in album cover design.