Feedback is a really well written music zine about the noise scene here in Canada (and sometimes overseas). It strikes me as funny that I was sent a zine to review that is from my own town (Calgary). I already picked up a copy of this zine when it first came out!

Kat knows sound like no one else, and is incredibly passionate. Her interviews are always great reads, and there are lots of awesome photos from shows (I can even see some of my friends in the background!). Every issue of Feedback comes with a mini disc of noise acts. If you’re not into noise, you can still get lots out of this zine.

This issue includes interviews with Kylie Minoise, Sex Negatives, and my partner’s old roommate, Peter Reddicop, who goes by RDC. I’d go into how awesome the noise scene here is, but instead I’ll just encourage you to pick up a copy of Feedback and find out for yourself. (Samantha Trees)

Zine, Kat Cardiff, [email protected]