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Fridays At Three zine is sweet, honest, smart, and well executed

Fridays At Three: Episode One

Comic zine, Fiona Seth, 12 pgs,[email protected] $5 + $1 postage in Canada, $1.50 U.S., $3 international

This comic is about clearing out old things to make way for new ones, letting go, and a blessed suit that fits over your hips for the first time ever. It reminded me of a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces don’t fit together the way you’d expect. First-time zinester Fiona shares slices of their life. They try to get some writing done, they take a bus and they have relationship troubles. They meet up with a friend, borrow an old laptop, then meet up with another friend. Fiona finds their romantic relationship has ended, and they mourn for the future they had envisioned. They find ways to cope, they draw, they get good advice from a therapist, they finish a memoir and move house. Fiona breaks down and finds themself inside a psychiatric ward. Then, finally, in a suit that fits. Not much wrong that a breakup, a break-down, and a pair of faux alligator “Bloovogs” won’t fix. Fridays At Three is sweet, honest, smart, and well executed.

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