Glaze, High Falootin #2

zine review:

Glaze, High Falootin #2

As a compilation of comics and drawings done by the author, this zine is more like random hiccups based on modern society than the comic book you think it is. While the presentation is prettier than most, the red paper makes it hard to read, and I found myself squinting most of the time while reading it.

I wonder, exactly, what JB is trying to say. The comics that are included really don’t say anything at all, and more often than not, I found myself tilting my head to one side and thinking, “huh?”

The problem with publishing a personal sketchbook is that, for the most part, a sketchbook is a tome that is written and made for yourself, like a personal record book. To make it public is a difficult thing, because not everyone can get the jokes or nuances that are plain as day to you. I sure didn’t.

However, some of the stand-alone drawings are truly interesting and make the zine worthwhile. These drawings offer single-panelled glimpses into lives that are either observed in passing or encountered every day, and that makes this zine unique. If the author stuck to single panels, the zine would have been far more enjoyable.

This zine does offer at least one thing for everyone, so it’s definitely worth perusing. Just don’t expect to get all of the jokes. (Tara Blackmore)

Comic, JB, [email protected]