Indy is that skate/snowboard/punk zine that we all love. None of that corporate slickness of Thrasher or Skateboarding fame here, but just as many things to recommend it: Issue #1 has an interview with Ed Templeton, curb buster and nice guy, and local skateboarding dudes from Calgary. Issue #2 is sprinkled with great band photos of hardcore/punk shows and gave a great review of the Toronto All day Punkfest put on by Who’s Emma, a collectively-run anarchist/queer/hardcore hangout/book/record store located in Kensington Market. Some thoughtful writing in here includes a piece on Food Not Bombs, punk being more than what clothes people wear, but about community, and lots of zine and record reviews. Nice to see a zine that is really into promoting other people into different things, be they zine producers, skaters or various D.I.Y. punk/hardcore bands.

zine / #1, #2 / 20 pages, 36 pages / sleepless nights / george sweetman / $1 ppd, stamps, IRC’s or trade / P.O. Box 523, Station M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2J2

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