Kyra and Tully

Clearly there’s something wrong with me and this CD showed me what it is: I don’t know how to deal with sincerity. I recoil from it like a vampire from garlic. And then I study it like a caveman examining a toaster. What is it for? What does it do? How does it work? Why can’t I feel it? This last question has me struggling with my long history of cynicism, detachment and fear of commitment. It goes so far back I begin to wonder what happened when I was a baby that might have made me so jaded. Was it some early, now repressed trauma? A denial of love that made me forever hard-hearted? Or was it something gradual? Was it the particular time in which I grew up? The age of irony? Am I just typical of my generation? I don’t know how old Kyra and Tully are, but they don’t suffer the same affliction as I do. They speak directly from the heart with barely a rejoinder. They play clean and true with guitars, mandolins, and piano. They sing songs about waking up and riding a bike. They sing honestly about love. I could never do that. I am in crisis. I don’t think they intended for their music to elicit such a reaction but little did they know it would be heard by CAPTAIN NEUROTIC! (Terence Dick)

CD, Buster Records, 59 Markham St., Kingston, ON, K7K 1S2,