‘Love Me, Please’ is a relatable and humour-filled guide to love, dating, and relationships

Love Me, Please: An Acid Trip through Love, Dating and Relationships
Ricky Lima, 56 pgs, Lime Press, limepressonline.com, $10

The modern dating scene can be a never ending spiral of frustration, disappointment, and utter confusion. Ricky Lima’s short guide to romance attempts to alleviate some of that stress with a humour-filled mix of advice, short fiction, and snippets of his own experiences.

I quite loved the relatability of Lima’s stories, such as his cringe-inducing tale of a first date and an adorable plush dinosaur. I’m sure many of us have our own embarrassing tales of pathetic attempts to impress someone new!

The chapter on toxic masculinity was another highlight for me; Lima starts off with an unnerving piece of flash fiction, and then explores some of the origins of harmful male behaviour and dating patterns. While I found much of this chapter somewhat disturbing, lines such as “Unless your dick sings show tunes, no one wants that unsolicited,” provide some much- needed humor (and very peculiar visuals). The book ends with a short piece of fiction featuring characters based on concepts and personalities found earlier (such as the Perfect Baby). While I was pleased with this chapter overall, I found the beginning somewhat confusing. The chaotic action often makes it hard to tell exactly what is going on.

Sprinkled throughout Love Me, Please are black and white illustrations by a variety of artists; meanwhile, the book itself is wrapped in a very vibrant cover featuring several couples (and one trio) enjoying romantic moments.

Overall, I really enjoyed this little book. It was interesting to read dating stories and advice from a male perspective, particularly from one who recognizes negative patterns and strives to improve. Additionally, even if you don’t identify as male, there are lessons in here that anyone can learn from, and plenty of relatable stories.