Say What

The opening page carries a full page photo of a woman’s face with the un-nerving dedication: To My Mother, I pray her soul has found the peace she wasn’t able to find in this life. Thank you for all you gifts.” It puts the skeleton drawing on the opposite page in a rather different context than some goth fetish. The centre piece is a story about Aldus who transforms into a vibrating sphere and transports Mark to the Nevermind, which is a kind of heaven one supposes. And since this is already part three, if it peaks your interest, ya better send off for all the back issues too. Throw in a few wizard references, eerie drawings and a surprisingly interesting poem and this one will please even more than just fans of such mystical things. (HC)

zine / main creator: Wayne Elliot / publisher: WEB / $1 / Wayne Elliot 39c Cleak Ave, Bancroft, ON, K0L 1C0

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