The Mojo Action Companion Unit

Really, can anyone have enough Marc Bell comics? Like if you had a wheelbarrow full, would that be enough? What about ten blue boxes? Well, start with this and then write in and tell us how much would be enough. In this snazzy, slick production, you get classic Bell; vivid, raucous illustration featuring the hilarious misadventures of Shrimpy and Paul, life in Sackville, Monopoly with Chia Man and more. This is raw energy and a perverse wit telling it like it is, or could be if you were Mr. Socks or Sammy and Suzy. How are you going to fill a wheelbarrow if you don’t start ordering right now? (HC)

comic / #1, 32 pages / main creator: Marc Bell / publisher: Exclaim! Brand Comics / $3.50 / 7-B Pleasant Blvd, #966, Toronto, ON M4T 1K2

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