The OK Kermit zine will charm your heart

OK Kermit

Comic, Gart Darley, Rotten Variety! Zines, 16 pgs,

This follow up to Gart Darley’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Kermit zine imagines Kermit in a post-Piggy world of Tinder, one that moves from hopeful hookups with the likes of Princess Peach, art queen Wendy, and Lisa Simpson to episodic, frog-out-of-water encounters at the club, arcade, movie theatre, and restaurant.

Darley’s crude drawings and dad jokes add to the humour as we see Kermit get rejected through a mix of relatable misunderstandings and personal foibles. The green-soaked cover and singles life remix of Muppets nostalgia only adds to the impression that this comic is a real charmer.