The Word Is Out

This is a pleasant, if conservative, litzine. Actually, it’s nice to open up a litzine and not have a concoction of puke, guts, sperm and whiskey come sliding down the pages. The first story in this zine is about a little girl celebrating Christmas for the first time without her dead mother. The story, by Dodi Morrison, is like most of the content here: soft, non-threatening, too obvious but certainly well written. There is also poetry, essays, advice on writing, and scene reports from BC and Alberta. Interviews with Sharon Butala and sci-fi legend Ursula Le Guin round out this friendly, parochial read.

litzine / #6 / 56 pages / Dona Sturmanis, Catherine Mamo (editors) / $4, 4 for $20 / 4214 Dalhousie Dr. NW, Calgary, AB, T3A 1A9 / [email protected]

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