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Coming at you from Toronto, Ontario, the double anniversary issue of Tupperware Sandpiper. Canada needs another litzine like a cat needs gills. Not to imply that all litzines are bad. There is some good material in this zine. Anya Wassenberg’s story “Asphyxia” was really neat and creepy, and quite enjoyable. Some very compelling visual art (my favourite was Alison Honey’s picture series), and a couple of good pieces of poetry. Otherwise it’s all pretty average. What really bothers me about TS5 is its blatant sense of self-importance. First, do we really need to know that the “rarified” issue 4 is no longer in print? No, we don’t, because it’s included with issue #5. Second, the article “On the Lexus of Sound” by the editor is so pretentious and uninteresting that I can’t fathom myself reading it again, ever (the subheader is actually “The NEAR DEATH Experience of Poetry” – what the hell?). Third: does there really need to be a two page explanation of the “merger” between Half-Empty Ezine and Tupperware Sandpiper? A list of bullets starts the article: “Who’s involved? Why is it happening? Why it happened? Is this a new gimmick?” May I add one: Do I care? No, I do not. I mean, I tried to think a little positively about this. Really I did. Nothing came of it, though. If you absolutely have to buy this publication, buy it for the photography and Anya Wassenberg’s story. (Anthony Gerace)

litzine, #4-5, 68pages, Nathaniel G. Moore (editor), $4,