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 #4, 40 pgs, $1 + stamp or trade & free to prisoners, Tyrone C., PMB 143,603 W. 13th St. #1 A, Austin, TX, 7 8 7 0 1 – 1 7 9 5 , USA,

It’s strange, but all I can think of is this cheesy greeting card I got when I was about 12, for helping the man next door shovel his driveway all winter. It said something like, “There are 2 little words/that are so sweet to hear/and these 2 little words/are meant for you, my dear/although they may be short/and very quick to speak/I just want to say thank you/you’ve made my day complete.” I know, I know, stop freakin’ gagging and let me explain! Anywhere was such a pleasure to read. The writing is beautiful, the stories of the road trip are captivating and it gives such a unique perspective on gender-issues that I was sorry when the trip was over. The text is so well edited it makes the descriptions clearer than the view from the window of a newly rained-on hippie van. So I guess I just wanted to say thank you to the writer of Anywhere, for the enjoyable time I spent reading your zine. Sorry for making you read the poem, I guess I didn’t have to rhyme after all. (Heather Ball)

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