Need a moment of calm?


Finally, the retro rotary club.

Meet Kathryn Calder, the current artist in residence for the city of Victoria. Calder got a two-year appointment as Victoria’s artist in residence concurrent with her continued playing in the band the New Pornographers. But the absence of touring with the latter allowed more focus on the former. Her projects included curating a phone line dedicated to moments of calm, on nine extensions that don’t require a dial: 1-877-2BE-CALM (1-877-223-2256). This phone line offers a variety of comforting and soothing auditory experiences, including calming nature sounds, Indigenous stories, meditations, music, poetry, and children’s laughter.

As we’re in the middle of a seemingly never-ending global pandemic, this toll-free number couldn’t have come at a better time. Need to put your mind at ease during this collectively anxiety-ridden time? Call the hotline at 1-877-223-2256 or visit