Print’s new home for rural lesbians

Urban centres are known to be hubs of safety and culture for LGBTQ+ people.

But what about those people under the rainbow umbrella who can’t, or don’t want to live in the city?

For many small town queers, rural living is an equally important facet of who they are. But being so far-flung, country queers can’t always find each other.

WMN Zine is here to help. Founded by Florencia Alvarado, Jeanette Spicer, and Sara Duell, the project gathers voices of lesbians from remote or less populated areas, who typically have few opportunities to share their work.

The creators wrote to Broken Pencil that they chose print for the project so it could “reach audiences that it otherwise may not,” adding that social media algorithms can be a barrier. “The zine’s physicality is used as an access point.”

WMN Zine Issue 1: Seasons of a Dyke comes out this Fall and is available for pre-order. Learn how to get involved at