Need Holiday Activities? Make Your Yuletide DIY With These Zinester’s Toolkits!

The mood is right. The spirit’s up. We’re here tonight. And for the love of god, is that not enough?

As 2023 winds down, those of us lucky enough to get time off from work are spending some quality time with friends, family or unlucky roommates. If you’re in dire need of some activities or hungry for some crafts to subject your kids to, here’s a collection of past Zinester’s Toolkits, our series of DIY guides to eclectic assemblies.

Here are some keepers from the vault:

* Make Your Own Tabletop RPG
* How To Achieve Tape Binding
* Meet THE LECTRO-STIK, an old friend to zinesters and collagers
* Shrinky Dinkin all day with Eileen Chavez
* Cut Out: Colonization Catcher
* How To Make Your Own Tarot Cards
* How To Create An X-Ray Effect for Your Zine
* DIY Cosplay: Make your own fantastical armour
* DIY Prosthetics – or “I’m a Fish, No Big Deal”


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