BP Indie Writers Deathmatch Short Story Contest Finals are here

The Finals are here.

Only 2 stories remain.


That’s all, folks. It’s here. The end has come. Your Deathmatch 2018 winner will be crowned and to the victor goes the spoils. While both of your finalists will receive publication in the Spring issue of Broken Pencil, only one will get the ultimate cash prize, and most importantly, bragging rights over the slain competition. Additionally, the victor receives a total Indie Writers Makeover – consultations and feedback sessions with top publishing professionals!

So who will your Deathmatch champion be?

Sophie-Anne Belisle with her tragicomic tableaux, SMILE, depicting the everyday struggles of an 18-year-old corner store cashier?

Or Christina Brown with her forlorn family tale, ARRANGEMENTS, which tells the story of an obsessive mother, and her teenage daughter, as they grapple with the death of a loved one?

Blood has been shed. Egos have been bruised. Now only one will be left standing.  But it’s not time to throw in the towel yet.  So keep commenting. Keep voting and up-voting. Tell your family, tell your friends. Hell, tell your barista. With so much on the line, who’s corner will you be in? The day of reckoning has come. We will soon have our Deathmatch 2018 champion.