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The people I babysit for have lots of movies. I have mixed views on watching videos while babysitting. It is good because it keeps the kids occupied so I can read or whatever. But on the other hand, the kids don’t really let me read or whatever in peace. They always say, “Kara, watch this part because so and so is going to happen.” Usually I’m like, Yeah, okay, and I glance up for a second or 2. One day I said, “Why do I have to watch it if you already told me what was going to happen?” but they still didn’t shut up. I have to watch some really bad movies over there, like Baby’s Day Out, McGee & Me, the not-real-people Three Muskateers, and the non Disney or Kevin Costner Robin Hood. I don’t mind watching Mrs. Doubtfire because it is funny when Robin hits Pierce in the head w/ the lime and Pierce Bronsan is hot. All Dogs Go To Heaven is funny too. Of course I like Back To the Future and Jurassic Park, but I can only watch those swear-filled movies after the little kids go to sleep. The funniest part in Back To The Future is when Marty’s mom thinks his name is Calvin because Calvin Klein is written all over his underwear. I’d so do Crispin Glover.



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