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Calls for Submission: Zines in ZAR

South African zine archive  Zines in ZAR is looking for zines to add to its collection. Zines in ZAR hopes to spread zine culture throughout Cape Town and South Africa and is hoping to develop a diverse, globally oriented collection. More information on their call out poster.

Apply Now: CUE Arts Grant (Toronto, ON)

The Toronto-based radical arts initiative CUE is accepting proposals for projects, offering up to $1000 in grant money. If you are a Torontonian ages 15-29 living on the margins or breaking through the limits of traditional arts media, this grant is for you. Before you apply, get feedback from Ashton, CUE’s Program Facilitator, at any of the weekly drop-in sessions for street-involved youth at SKETCH Working Arts.

Call for Submissions: The Love on the Road 2014 Writing Contest

The second annual Love on the Road Writing Contest is on! Micro-press Malinki Press will pick twelve submissions to be joined in an anthology, but the top three winners win cash prizes. That’s right, money for writing! Ain’t life great? More on the Malinki Press website.

Call For Submissions: Fat-Tastic #4

Fat politics, fatphobia, fat art, fat culture, fat bodies, fat pride— Fat-Tastic is about everything fat and wonderful! This compilation zine is looking for people’s personal stories, art, images and know-how about fat-positivity. Find more info on the posting.

Call for Submissions: Remember: 100 Favourite Memories

This compilation zine project has the endearingly simple and sweet concept of collecting a hundred favourite memories from people around the world, whether its a nostalgic childhood episode, or something you did just recently that you know will stick with you forever. There’s no specific deadline, rather the cut-off is after one hundred memories have been received. There are more details on the tumblr page.

Call For Submissions: May 2014 Carnival of Aces

The Carnival of Aces is a monthly “blogging carnival” for people identifying on the asexuality spectrum, sometimes called “aces.” They are seeking submissions about coming out, mental health, romance, exclusion, and anything else related to experiences of an often misunderstood set of experiences. More info is available here.

Call for Submissions: Social ▲Luxuriance

The elusive alt-lit imprint Social ▲Luxuriance is accepting manuscripts and chapbook proposals all month. S▲L specializes in transgressive,  fragmented poetry and prose and new conceptions of the book form. More on their tumblr.

Call for Submissions: HIT PARADE (Toronto, ON)

HIT PARADE is seeking queer activist art and creative practice of any medium for a show at P|M Gallery in anticipation of Toronto’s World Pride 2014 in June. In addition to being an opportunity to speak out against homophobia and transphobia on global and local scales, half of all proceeds will go to the Will Munro Memorial Fund for Queers Living With Cancer. More information on the facebook event or email

Call for Submissions: The Mall

This summer, The Mall is looking for submissions for their sixth issue, “Home is where The Mall is.” Art, prose and poetry about summer childhood traditions is welcome through Friday the 13th— spooky! More here.

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