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Each year at Canzine Toronto, in addition to our vendors and programming, we host three art rooms. These are empty rooms that anyone can book and use to present their work – art installations, zine exhibits, interactive games, hauntings, mazes, dioramas – you name it. This year we’re happy to welcome three organizations we truly admire for their commitment to education, inclusivity and activism. More info about them below. Please come check them out!


ART ROOMS (All art rooms located in basement of 918 Bathurst)

oasisOasis Skateboard Factory: OSF is a Toronto District School Board alternative school design program, where students earn high school credits by creating their own brand and running a skateboard business / professional design studio. Youth in the program who have struggled in traditional school settings for a variety of reasons (poverty, learning disabilities, mental health, racism etc..) find success in project based learning- that is, everything in produced in class has a life/purpose outside of the classroom. At Canzine, Broken Pencil will give the students an opportunity to showcase their work – including skateboard designs, zines, comics and other creations – in a professional setting where they receive feedback from adults working in creative fields.



Shameless/Letters Lived: Shameless is a Toronto-based independent magazine for strong, smart young women and trans youth. It’s a fresh alternative to typical teen magazines, packed with articles about arts, culture and current events, reflecting the neglected diversity of young readers’ interests and experiences. The magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and as part of that celebration, they will be taking over a Canzine art room with the Letters Lived Project, wherein people can write letters to their past and future selves and hang them for display. There will be multiple letter writing stations set up in the room and letters will be hung so they can be easily read and shared.


HE-logo-head-lrgHand Eye Society Artsy Games Incubators: The Hand Eye Society is a Toronto not-for-profit dedicated to supporting and showcasing videogames made primarily as a form of creative expression. This past summer and early fall, the Society hosted two AGIs (Artsy Game Incubators) designed to teach animators and writers previously unfamiliar (or new to) gamemaking how to make video and interactive fiction games. At Canzine, students from both incubators will be present to publicly demo the games they created in their incubators and talk a bit about their processes.

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