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CROWE reading at Ghost Bookstore detail

“Roewan Crowe is energized by acts of disruption.”

That’s the first line of the short biography Roewan Crowe sent us in advance of Canzine Central, where’ she’ll be reading at our Radical Readers Series on October 25,  and it may be the most compelling, and endearing, bit of bio that we’ve got. Indeed, Roewan is one of those people we’re just getting to know and already have lots of warm and wonderful feelings towards (I mean, look at that pink horse head)— and a whole lot of respect.


Quivering Land-txt-draft 1.indd

Roewan’s recent book from Arbeiter Ring Press, Quivering Land, is a “rather queer western.” Already sounds bad-ass, right? From ARP’s website:

Written in a sparse style, this lonely, sometimes brutal book invites the reader on a powerful journey with Clem, Violet, and a dead girl in a red dress. Clem, a lone cowboy, caught in the inevitable violence of the Western, compulsively rides through ghost towns and Monument Valley. Violet is an artist who pulls dead bodies, guns, and memory into her studio, immersing herself in a creative process, seeking to understand the relationships among aggression, vulnerability and the imagination. Disrupting the story are the ghostly visitations of a dead child who travels the western landscape unsettling romanticized, filmic images of Monument Valley.

Interspersed in the text are fragile, beautiful images painstakingly cut from paper, created by artist Paul Robles. This experimental long poem, a gritty feminist meditation on trauma, violence and the possibilities of art, is as powerful as a Smith and Wesson Schofield rifle.”

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