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Art Zine, Jeannie Phan,

You know those black and white graphic  prints that adorn all the hipster album  covers? Well  Bodies and Cosmos looks  like that. Hipster-bashing aside,  Bodies  and Cosmos is a beautiful piece of  art. Visually arresting and beautifully  designed, it would be the prize coffee  table book of the year in the world of  zines: one that you actually enjoyed  reading all the way through not just  displaying it for aesthetic purposes. Bodies and Cosmos is entirely filled  with prints, without any written words.  There is no narrative, though several  themes and motifs are worked on  repeatedly. Severed, disjointed bodies  make up the bulk of the subject matter.  The “cosmos” part is more subtle,  consisting of pages of repetitive patterns  that loosely conform to satellite photos  of galaxies. The two are often blended  together, with galaxy-like motifs on  the bodies and bodies foating amidst  celestial patterns. Though Jeannie  Phan’s drawings sometimes seem to  be strange for strangeness’ sake, at the  end of the zine, one is left with a strong  desire to find more of her drawings to  use as Tumblr backgrounds. (Leanne  Wang)

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