Sleeping With Humanity

Sleeping With Humanity by O.G. Rose   Listen, for God’s sake! Now, like I was saying, first Wall Street crashed, […]

Rusted Bones by A. E. Chandler

Rusted Bones by A. E. Chandler I remember thinking it was going to rain. Not because there was any sign […]


Dougie Reuben was practicing his left hook. It was twelve o’clock and sweltering. They had eight hours before the fight. […]

Fiction: FLASHES

Autobiographical Sketch I live in a world of imaginary paintings. They have taken the place of my imaginary friends. My […]


RIPPLE “It’s over,” Steve says. I think I hear a sigh on the other end of the line. Then silence. […]

Fiction: A Flight of Planetary Fancy

Bats slammed into lockers, cleats scraped the floor, and frothy spittle stained the walls. An influx of uniformed combatants filed […]

Fiction: Eat! Eat! Eat!

NOT ALL that long ago, I rented a cottage in the bush. As you know, my family had all moved […]

Fiction: Small Miracles

The only memento I kept of Marc was one cracked tooth, an anniversary gift punched right out of my mouth. […]

Little By Charlotte Joyce Kidd

  Little opened their eyes. The sub, in this place, was gentle and far away, which made the colours of […]