Cool Music

With a swell illustration of Audrey Hepburn dressed as a punk on the cover, this new music zine offers promise before it has even been opened. Comprising mostly coverage of punk, oi, and ska music, and printed on standard-sized newsprint format, this zine could be Canada’s Maximum RnR or Punk Planet, and makes a fine companion piece to both Agree to Disagree and Indy magazine. Still, some work is required in the execution of the content, primarily Q&A interviews. These are very long, and while long interviews aren’t necessarily a bad thing, none of them contain any biographical background on the featured artists (Citizen Fish and Nashville Pussy), and they tend to overwhelm non-fans. Major pieces require introductions, and intros need focus to generate interest or else nobody will read them. If you’re ignorant about the performers in question, it’s hard to connect when the conversation wades through insider-knowledge about bass-players coming-and-going, etc. Also includes: gig, record and zine reviews, socio-political commentary, and a Vancouver punk guide. (DF)

fanzine, #1, 40 pgs, Ta-Lee (editor) $2 per, Box 78068, 2606 Commercial Dr., Vancouver, BC, V5N 5W1

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